Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It’s a great excuse for a party, however, Al feels that some things are better left for others to take advantage of. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show will leave the sombreros, tequila, tacos, and mariachi bands for other fine establishments to feature. But don’t let that stop you from showing up at our joint in your sombrero!

Cinco de Mayo at Capone's

Some things just don’t seem to fit!


The Show at Capone’s on Cinco de Mayo

While the cast may not feature a Mexican-themed wardrobe, you can bet the show will feature a hat or two. Some fruit may even be involved. The Speakeasy Cabaret is hysterically funny and filled with loads of action. There is more audience interaction than ever before. Not only do the men get to have some fun on stage, but now the ladies and children (seasonal) also play a part!

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As always, we feature cold Bud Light Draft and other drinks – all included in your ticket (and unlimited). Skip the tacos tonight and select a favorite main course from a huge selection of fresh, hot Italian/American favorites. With such large portions, you’ll be ready for a siesta. Good luck with that though… You’ll have a hard time getting any rest with the wise guys and gals around. It’s raucous fun and a good time for all ages!

Skip wearing a sombrero tonight and sport a fedora or a feathered boa on Cinco de Mayo. Spend it with the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Instead of Mexico, you’ll think you’ve landed back in Prohibition times in the heart of gangland Chicago.

There are plenty of late-night parties to go to in the area to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We’d be happy if you spent the evening with us. Wherever you decide to enjoy the festivities, don’t forget to plan ahead for a designated driver, uber, or a cab….. please drink responsibly.