Disney's Blizzard Beach Summit Plummet

© Walt Disney World

Your Orlando attraction planning definitely needs to include Disney’s Blizzard Beach. A blizzard you say? Well, it’s been rumored a bad snow storm hit Orlando and, upon melting, left a beautiful mountainous area with coves built in. This area was the only place snow remained after the melt, but let’s be real. We know it has to be a rumor, but why ruin the fun for the kids that go there and are allowed to swim and play in pools with snow all around them? Now that is something not many people can say they’ve done. A must visit if only for this reason.

Disney World Resort includes five major theme parks and two famous water parks. Blizzard Beach is one of those water parks. This area usually is at the top of most vacationers’ lists to visit. Thrilling rides and water-based attractions, which include twenty-two water slides, make it possible for the whole family to find one to become their favorite.

Some of the fun, thrilling water rides found at this Orlando attraction is the Runoff Rapids, Downhill Double Dipper, Summit Plummet Free-Fall Slide, Snow Stormers Racing Slides, Cross Country Creek River Ride, Teamboat Springs, Melt-Away Bay Wave Pool, Springs Raft Ride, Ski Patrol Training Camp, and Mount Gush More Chair Lift. Okay, what other water park can you go to that provides ski patrols and chair lifts? This is a must-experience family vacation spot. There is also a children’s play area called Tike’s Peak for their enjoyment.

The Summit Plummet plunges you down 12 stories, straight down, while lying on your back on the water slide, or maybe you are adventurous enough to go head first. This is the fastest free-falling slide, at a dizzying 55 mph and also one of the world’s tallest. This needs to be experienced by every water park slide-lover ever born.

What is so nice about the Orlando attraction Blizzard Beach is being able to reserve a hut on the shaded private beach area. A small hut, with a front deck and chairs, can be your private hideaway from the crowd, relaxing with the love of your life. This special area includes your own personal attendant. Now that’s the kind of blizzard to be in!

While deciding a water park for your Orlando attraction to visit, Blizzard Beach is hard to beat; even its brother water park Typhoon Lagoon is rated by some visitors as a second choice. Make sure to visit on your vacation and take the 12 story plunge in the snow. It will bring you plenty of chills and thrills!

Last Updated on October 21, 2023