If you’re an evening person who enjoys dimness with blinking and flashy lights, then you’ll enjoy Orlando’s night life, too. There are many fun things to do in Orlando which can be achieved even in the darkest and coldest (cooler) hours of the night. The urban area in Florida tagged as “The City Beautiful” is indeed a picturesque town which standouts between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico – Orlando, Florida. Aside from amusement areas and eco-adventure parks, the night life in Orlando is also an attraction for tourists of different nationalities. Fine dining and world-class music of different genres are always available for tourists’ consumption and satisfaction.

B.B. King's Blues Club Orlando

Some fun things to do in Orlando are best offered at night in several restaurants. Consider B. B. King’s Blues Club, a dining place that serves not only best-selling cuisine but also live performances from awesome musicians. Music lovers will surely enjoy the cheerful place which allows them to sing with the musicians and dance with their loved ones. The area has a wide space for dancing and foot stomping. Furthermore, as you move your eyes around, you will see posters of various music icons and legends of blues including B. B. King, Elvis Presley, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and a lot more.

Fun things to do in Orlando can also be had in extraordinary dishes spiced up with hilarious production numbers. We’re talking about Orlando dinner shows. Capone’s Dinner & Show is great for all ages. Many families that are looking for fun things for the entire family will choose this dinner show. However, if you’re into voyages and pirates, then the Treasure Tavern may be the best place for you. It’s a restaurant for adults ages 18 and above. Your cold night will turn into a hot and sizzling time of searching for a wonderful treasure—a magnificent experience of delicious foods, sparkling drinks, and bubbly performers who will meet and greet you before the show. But wait, this is only a warm up. After the welcoming hospitality, the cast members of the show will proceed to the stage and will soon deliver their funny puns and punch lines. In between their major script, they will sing harmonious songs which will make your stay merrier.

Orlando Improv Dinner Show

Stand-up comedy at the Orlando ImprovSimilar to Treasure Tavern is the Orlando Improv. It is easy to experience fun things to do in Orlando by visiting the Improv, for it is a celebrated comedy club and dinner theatre in the City Beautiful. It is considered as one of the most famous spots that showcases live stand-up comedy celebrities. Your worries and furies will surely banish while you share your laughter with your family, friends, or colleagues. Plus, you will be rejuvenated with a glass of booze that you can fill with different flavors and alcohol levels. It’s such a bizarre place to chill out and unwind.

Last Updated on October 21, 2023