Shopping, dining, visiting theme parks like Universal Studios and going to museums aren’t the only fun things to do in Orlando, Florida. There are also a vast number of wildlife and nature experiences that families can enjoy. In these nature parks, one can go ride or try the zip line. There are also animals to see in these places.

Zip line is fun to do while on a Central Florida vacation.

If your family is fond of zip lines, the Florida Eco Safari is the place to be. Before you decide to go on a relaxing shopping trip for example, stop by here with your family and experience the thrill of riding a zip line that’s 68 feet from the ground. The Rattlesnake, dubbed as one of the many fun things to do in Orlando, is the first zip line in America that resembles a roller coaster. Kids and young teens, as well as adults who live for the thrill, will surely enjoy this zip line. There are also other things like the cypress domes, the marsh and the pine Flatwoods that you can see if you are at this location. These are places that are not frequented by people and therefore untouched parts of nature.

horse rides

You might want to take the kids to the Green Meadows Petting Farm for a day. At this petting farm, kids will find petting animals like pigs and more – truly, one of the many fun things to do in Orlando for the little ones. Your kids can see farm animals up close while at Green Meadows. A trip to this place with the kids can also be very educational. Kids and teens can get information on the common animals found in farms like these from their guides during a guided tour. Your kids would also love the pony ride experience that the farm management offers.

AirboatYou can also take your family on an airboat tour around the wetlands of Orlando, Florida if you would like to see the local wildlife. You will be able to see alligators and crocodiles in swamps around Orlando. Airboats may be noisy but this is where the headphones come in. You and your companion will be required to wear them so as to subdue the noise from the airboat during the tour. Young kids might have to skip tours like this as it can seem dangerous to some. Still, touring the wetlands can be on your list of the many fun things to do in Orlando for families with older children or adult-only groups.

There are lots of fun things to do in Orlando, Florida. Before you put the lid on your 3-day or week-long vacation in Orlando with some gratuitous Orlando shopping experience around its famous malls, you should try to treat the kids and yourself to some of the best scenic, lush nature parks to simply appreciate nature. This will be one trip that you won’t forget.