Fun Things to do in Orlando: Visiting Museums

Aside from theme parks like Walt Disney World – a huge theme park for families where you can do various things like Orlando shopping, dining and more, in particular, Orlando, Florida is known for its museums and nature parks. You should add up visiting these places in your list of fun things to do in Orlando. If you want to go to Orlando, Florida not just for Walt Disney World but for the culture, art and history it offers, then you should visit the museums.

One of the good museums to visit in Orlando, Florida is the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens. Not only does this garden and museum in one offer sculptures that are rare and beautiful, it is also a place to relax because of its various flora and fauna that are often found in lush gardens. If you are tired of doing some shopping for half the day, this is one place you can go to in order to relax and bask in the sun and the peaceful shores that Lake Osceola is known to have. One of the fun things to do in Orlando is to relax while viewing the romantic, peaceful shores that Lake Osceola has by way of Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens.

Polasek Museum in Orlando

Photo by Randy Smith

Works of local artists can be found in the City of Orlando Public Arts (located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of City Hall). If pop or contemporary art is what you are into and you find that looking at such paintings is one of many fun things to do in Orlando, this is the place to be. You may even be able to go shopping for some one-of-a-kind pieces of local artists’ work here and support the charities they support. This is a place where known local artists use it as a venue to fund the charities. If you shop here, you are likely to be helping locals in Orlando, Florida who may be living below the daily regular wage and perhaps even disabled kids and more.

Banana Blossom in Orlando GardenAside from the romantic view one can get of Lake Rowena, Harry P. Leu Gardens is another exquisite garden to enjoy the flora and fauna. It’s relaxing to take a stroll in its gardens and random pats lined by old oak trees and perhaps a lunch out with your family or your traveling companion.  Harry P. Leu Gardens also has a museum, the Leu House Museum where one can find various historical artifacts with the restored home that has been around since the nineteenth-century. You can go on guided tours in this museum and the old restored house that first started as a farmhouse typical of Florida. Once you are finished shopping in a nearby mall, you can come by this place to relax and marvel at the beauty of nature. It is, after all, one of many fun things to do in Orlando as well.

If you fancy things pertaining to the holocaust, there is the Holocaust Memorial Center Museum that you can visit while in Orlando, Florida. You should visit this place as one of the fun things to do in Orlando if you want to know more about the Holocaust. It has a 6,000 volume library and is also known for holding traveling exhibits around the country from time to time. This place is pleasant as it assures families that there are no disturbing, graphic images there. Kids would learn a few things here about the holocaust which happened a long time ago and devastated a large part of the western world.

There are other museums to visit around Orlando and these are some of the best you can find. Orlando isn’t simply all about theme parks and the gratuitous Orlando shopping experience you may enjoy there. You can also add studying and appreciating its arts, culture and history in the list of fun things to do in Orlando.


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