When people think of Florida they usually think of two things, Walt Disney World and Florida Alligators. With this being said, their Orlando attraction planning without Gatorland would be a big regret. Built in 1949 and still owned by the same family, this place has been labeled the “Alligator Capital of The World” with good reason.

Featuring thousands of crocodiles and alligators, Gatorland provides a birds-eye view of the natural alligator breeding marsh from a boardwalk and observation towers. Even though the park can be remembered by entrance through a large alligator head, this Orlando attraction is best known for rescuing and buying troubled alligators from trappers that otherwise would have been slaughtered for skin and meat. Housing them here saves their lives. Between 1981 and 1999, Gatorland was the only place worldwide where alligators were artificially inseminated also promoting the gator’s existence.

Upon opening, this Orlando attraction housed alligators and snakes for visitors to see. It was the first major attraction in central Florida. Since then, it has grown into a popular vacation site for people wanting to have a thrill while seeing alligators in their natural habitat. Keeping up with the major theme parks with its own adventures has kept Gatorland on the map of Orlando attractions to visit.

A nice fact to remember: With all the themed areas evolving, Gatorland has held its own. In 1965, the Iron Horse Theme Engine, a miniature, open-air locomotive, made its maiden run. It transported over 7.5 million visitors on a tour around the park.

Nowadays, visitors to the Orlando attraction can see gator wranglers, at Gatorland, in a unique alligator wrestling show called none other than, “Gator Wrestlin’ Show.” Keeping it “Florida Cracker” style, wranglers catch six to eight foot alligators by hand, while guests watch in a shaded 800 seat stadium. These wranglers climb onto the snapping alligators back and point out survival techniques. After a few stupid stunts the alligator is put to sleep only to be awakened by tickling it.

This Orlando attraction opened its newest adventure, Gator Zip Line, in 2012. Set seven stories in the air, multi-set launch pads run the length of 1200 feet across Cuban and Nile crocodiles. Guests end up soaring at 25 mph in which the thrill is only complete after flying over 130 Florida alligators looking up from their natural breeding marsh. The Zip Line can be experienced in the day or night.

Gatorland Orlando Trainer of the DayIf you or your teen have an extra interest in alligators, why not train them? For reservations, and extra fees, a person twelve years of age or older can experience what it’s like to be an alligator trainer through “Trainer for the Day.” Call ahead for information and reservations.

Gatorland is an Orlando attraction that should be seen by all. Birthday parties are available if plans are made ahead of time. This is the perfect place to enjoy the thrill and excitement of a theme park while viewing the instincts of alligators in their natural environment. Saving this endangered species has been kept in the family from the beginning here in Orlando.



Last Updated on October 21, 2023