Orlando is the fifth largest city in Florida and the state’s largest inland city.  Well known for the Universal Orlando Resort, this city is able to generate millions of income from millions of tourists who come from all around the world every year. It’s a beautiful place consisting of different kinds of businesses, including theme parks, restaurants and many other establishments built all around the city. Orlando is also a fine place to live in, because it’s a metropolitan area that has many opportunities that can be grabbed by aspiring young professionals. Because of this draw by young talented performers, Orlando is also well-known for its entertaining factors which can be found in amusement parks and Orlando dinner theaters.

There are hundreds of attractions that can be found in Orlando; the malls that offer millions of items, the bars that take one’s night life to a whole new level, and many other places like golf and spa stations that can relieve anyone’s stress. There are lots of reasons to go on a tour in Orlando.  Among the enjoyable tours to look forward to would be a tour that lets you experience an Orlando dinner theater.  Vacation planning would not be complete without this item on the checklist.

There are a lot of fancy restaurants and diners in Orlando and the surrounding area.  This means that the competition among the different restaurants is really high.  Most of the restaurants in Central Florida are forced to come up with different bright ideas to make an impact on tourists and vacationers of all ages.  Steak houses, sea food restaurants and grilles are challenged to offer their customers more than excellent food and five star accommodations.

Due to the fact that people nowadays are easily bored with the usual dinner date stuff, restaurants started to introduce the different ways of entertaining customers with musical and theatrical shows, thus Orlando dinner theaters were introduced to the public. Because of such shows, tourists are able to enjoy every bite of their meal with high class entertainment provided by stage actors, musicians and different stages depending upon which dinner theater they attend.


Orlando is a good place to enjoy different experiences with the whole family. Whether the purpose is to have an exciting day outside to have fun, or to enjoy an intimate nice warm meal with loved ones, Orlando gives you assurance that there will be fun wherever you may choose to go. So come to Orlando, it’s a good place to be home.

Editor’s Note: If you are trying to decide which Orlando dinner theater to attend, we hope you will choose Capone’s Dinner & Show. We’re in our 20th year of entertaining locals and visitors alike.

Last Updated on July 3, 2013