Orlando Dinner Shows – Arabian Nights

Arabina Nights Orlando Dinner Show

When you’re planning on going out to eat, you could go with the mundane world of chain restaurants or even fast food, or you can take the evening and make it purely magical. What if you were granted 3 wishes by a genie in a lamp? Would you ask for entertainment? Food? Fun? Well if you venture forward to find one of the many Orlando dinner shows, you will see that one getting fair reviews is none other than Arabian Nights Dinner Theater. This kaleidoscope of intrigue takes you back to another time, another place, where princesses and princes of mighty empires created daredevil theatrics, genies were trapped in lamps, and wishes were granted to those that would find them.

When you venture into the world of Arabian Nights, you will be treated to dinner that will consist of a variety of traditional cuisine from around the world. You will not only get a basic menu to choose from, you can upgrade your selection to specials and more. While you enjoy your meal you will be dazzled by some of the most talented men and women you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. The Arabian Princes and their royal friends will treat you to an arena show presented by beautiful horses and amazing daredevil traditional feats. You will ooh and awe amidst family, friends, and newfound neighbors as you all take in an experience of a lifetime.

Amongst Orlando dinner shows, this is one of the top rated options due in large part to the fact that it truly rings to a different time, and separates itself from the other dinner shows that you might find. While most people aren’t quite sure what to expect when venturing forth with this option, by nights end, and the wishes have been granted, everyone will have a smile on their face.

If you don’t want to travel so far back in time and space, why not venture forth to something a little more recent. Check out Capone’s for a little taste of the era where mobsters ran rampant and speakeasy taverns were all the rage. The iconic characters of a different place in American history will dazzle, razzle and offer a buffet of traditional fair that will definitely please even the toughest of critics. You can’t go wrong with either option, especially if you’re seeking something fresh, new and entertaining for a night out with the family or a special date.

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