Orlando Dinner Shows – Live the Entertainment Spectacle

When it comes to eating out in the Orlando area, you have a great deal of restaurants to choose from, but only a few Orlando dinner shows. You could go to your neighborhood diner, or go to another chain restaurant, or if you’re brave you can go see something special. The special options that are in the area are going to blow you away with sheer excitement as they are not just eateries, they offer full-scale productions that will take you and your family to a whole new world. No matter what you’re favorite genre of entertainment is, you’ll find that the many Orlando dinner shows will definitely be something that will change your perspective on eating out.

When you’re on the hunt for a nearby show, consider the following popular Orlando dinner shows options.

Knights battle at a dinner showMedieval Times – Travel back to a time where kings and queens rules, a simpler time where jousting, horsemanship, falconry and chivalry lived. In this dinner and show you will be treated to a plethora of food, nay, a feast for the belly and a show for the eyes. Enjoy a little trip back in time where men fought for the heart of their ladies, in a traditional setting with a little modern flare. Once you step inside, you will truly feel like you’re amidst King Arthur, that’s for sure.

arabian_nightsArabian Nights – Travel back to a place far off where wishes are granted and the sands of time can amaze you with a display that comes from the east. Arabian Nights dinner and show is one of the beloved showcases of wonder and splendor that will have people of all ages clapping in no time.

Sleuth's Orlando Dinner Show photoSleuths Dinner Show – Sleuths presents something that will entertain, and even shock, but with a humorous twist that will definitely delight even the hardest skeptic. Venture back to a different setting and try to figure out who is responsible for a killing! This dinner mystery show is one-of-a-kind; full of jokes and detective work that will definitely please.

Pirates Dinner Adventure logoPirates Dinner Adventure – Ahoy there! Venture forward with a full-scale pirate show including food and incredible stunts and performances from some of the wildest pirates you’ll ever meet. Pay close attention as you might end up finding treasure on this voyage of sight, sound and food.

Capone's Dinner & Show is celebrating 20 years!Capone’s – Enter the world of mobsters and speakeasy taverns, with traditional language and raucous amusement. The whole family will enjoy the trip back in time to when America had a different class of criminals. You’ll enjoy venturing forth with characters roaming around like Al Capone, Buggs Moran and many more.


The above are just some of the amazing Orlando dinner shows that you can venture towards, so make sure the next time you go out, you enjoy a show and a meal all wrapped into one.

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