When it’s time to find something to do or simply go out and eat in the near future, you’ll find that there are a great number of options in the Orlando area.  You will have common options like diners, chain restaurants, fast food, themed options, and then you’ll have something that is a little more entertaining. You’ll find that when you search for Orlando dinner shows, you will be treated to a variety of adventurous spots that will not only serve an amazing meal, but will also entertain with a full-scale production of Broadway quality, only with less singing and more energy. One of the mainstays of this option is none other than Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

Orlando dinner show image of knight on horse

When you decide to visit this awesome spot you will enter into a time machine. The dial will be set for the age when queens, kings, and knights were the norm and when chivalry wasn’t dead; it was revered. Upon entering you will see horses and knights roaming around and declarations on scrolls as you feast with the king and treated to a meal.

There are no utensils to get the ultimate feel that you’re in the coliseum of a kingdom long ago. The dinner consists of various courses that include soup, chicken, ribs, potato and dessert! You will be treated to the traditional games of jousting, falconry and so much more from knights that have spent a lifetime training to become the best of the best.

Once you settle in for the show you will have to cheer on your knight as the event center is divided amongst several colors, flags and crowns. Each knight will compete to see who is the champion, and if you cheer the loudest, you could end up winning a nod of appreciation and possibly a rose from your knight. As the evening comes to a close you will definitely be full of cheer and food, as you venture back to a time of simple pleasures.

If you would like an alternative, and would prefer to stay within the past century or so, you could always check out the other Orlando dinner shows. For instance, Capone’s is a great option where you can enjoy a little taste of the prohibition era. Where bootleggers, mobsters, and speakeasy taverns were the norm. With a little food, drink and a lot of classic characters, you’ll be delighted with a family-friendly showcase of lasting impression.

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Last Updated on March 6, 2013