Orlando, Florida is a place where one can find a piece of paradise; within its boundaries are amusement parks, shopping centers, nightlife districts and excellent fine diners. Its main attraction which includes Universal Orlando features different actions and thrills with its two major theme parks. It’s also home for Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, Gator Land and the Wet n’ Wild Water Park. However, if you want to go beyond the theme parks and water amusement centers where one can get heart-stopping action and get wet in exciting water activities, try a dinner theater.  Here, you will experience the amazing food and entertainment offered by what has become world-famous Orlando dinner theaters.

People who love to party while on vacation are used to going out all night every night, trying out the different clubs and bars wherever they are.  For these people and even for families who are looking for a different kind of fun and entertaining dinner experience, Orlando dinner theaters are a great place to start.  These are actually restaurants that offer theatrical performances with their dinner offerings.  This creative idea from restaurateurs is becoming more popular as more people discover them.

Food offered at Capone's Dinner & Show

Those who have discovered these dinner theaters are rarely disappointed.  In fact, some of them go back again and again to sample other cuisine and to see another type of show.  Several guests of Capone’s Dinner & Show return again and again, even within the same year. Because of the huge buffet, even the meal can be different each visit. It’s a total experience that Capone’s and these other restaurants offer, from excellent food to wonderful interactive theater performances and realistic ambiance.  These days, it’s never really enough to offer just good food.  This different offering makes Orlando dinner theaters really interesting.

People always search for something else beyond the sensation of their taste buds. They talk about the ambiance, the theme, and the sounds they hear while sitting inside a restaurant. Orlando dinner theaters offer experiences for all of your senses. In dinner theaters, different shows are introduced to customers while they indulge and savor the exquisite meals that are served. Some of the more popular dinner theaters have interactive performances that allow guests to interact with one another as well as with the characters in the performance.

For vacationers, it’s all about the experience.  The entire trip does not become memorable because of one aspect alone.  Plan properly and find out about the places to visit or the activities to do that you can sign up for and book in advance.  Check out our list of dinner theaters in the Orlando area. When you are prepared, you can enjoy your vacation to the hilt.

Last Updated on October 6, 2023