Orlando Tourists Best Bet For Nightclubing

Disney has withdrawn from the market closing it’s nightclubs instead adding shopping and restaurants in the former nightclub hot spot Pleasure Island. The lack of synergy between nightclubing and Disney’s large family audience  and also experiencing some problems with gang activity which lead to crime. Sorry to see it go but it’s closing helped Orlando’s other two major nighclub areas thrive and jive at City Walk at Universal Orlando or downtown Orlando.

Visiting City Walk is definitly more expensive and family friendly then the edgy downtown Orlando nightclub district. So unless you’ve got kids going with you my recomendation is the downtown Orlando night club district. Hip restaurants and lounges dot a 5 or 6 block area along with many swank nightclubs. A new movie venue has recently opened in the district. The cinema offers unique food and beverage choices in tune with the surrounding district.

The shopping choices are much more divergent downtown you can get a tatoo, discover a new artist but there are no typical tourist souvenir shops that’s for sure!

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