Orlandos Best Dining Experience the California Grill at Walt Disney World in Orlando

The California Grill is a very unique dining experience. The food is awesome and it does come with the price tag. It’s located on the top floor of the venerable Contemporary Resort which is the best place to stay if you stay on Disney property, depending upon your budget. It’s a five star hotel on a lake and is the best located lodging on Disney property for transportation through out the Walt Disney World Resort. There are very few Walt Disney World Resort lodging options located on the monorail system and the Contemporary Resort is one of them.

The California Grill is what I would call new American cuisine.  From GREAT sushi to a fabulous steak and they even offer a kids menu. Although this is atypical for a high end restaurant Disney is a family resort and because of the entertainment aspect of seeing the Disney fireworks at, from in my perspective, the best place to see those incredible Disney fireworks. So depending on season you can expect there will be plenty of kids in the restaurant

It is also the most popular restaurant on Disney property because of all the forementioned reasons it’s typically booked far in advance. So if you want to try this entertainment and dining experience book far ahead even in slow seasons.

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