Restaurants in Kissimmee: Dine-in without the Chain Name

Last week we covered restaurants in Kissimmee that are part of a chain. This week, we’ll be informing you of the many choices you have for dine-in restaurants with various cuisine choices that are NOT chain stores or fast food restaurants. If you are here on vacation, you’ll not want to miss out on this opportunity to experience something a little different that cannot be found in your home town.

There are hundreds of restaurants in Kissimmee that feature a specific cuisine. We’ll cover those in later posts. For today, we’ll highlight ‘step up’ restaurants along Hwy. 192 or within a short distance off the main road.

Beginning west on 192, Kissimmee restaurants that are mixed in with a multitude of chain restaurants include Kool’s Oak Fire Grill, Magic Mining Company, WildSide BBQ Bar & Grill, Colorado House of Beef, Angel’s Diner & Bakery, High Octane Cafe, Pacino’s Italian Restaurante, Flamingo Grille, Kool Katz Grill & Pub, L’Italianos Chicago Pizzeria and Italian Ristorante, Coney Island Seafood Feast, King O Falafel, Coconut Willy’s British Pub, Taste of Punjab, Jerusalem Middle Eastern Restaurant, China Pearl and Aladdin Hookah Café & Grill. If any of these sound interesting, be sure to pick up a local Restaurant Guide at any Walgreens and look for a coupon. Several are featured in this publication.

The stretch from 535 in towards 17/92  gets interesting. If you are looking for a nice sit-down restaurant that is not a chain, the closer you get to downtown Kissimmee, the more you’ll find. These can be great experiences when traveling, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous. These Kissimmee restaurants include El Tenampa Mexican Restaurant, Teppan Japanese Steak House, Taste of Asia, China Bell Asian Restaurant, Tarantino’s Italian Restaurant, Cilantrillo Cafe & Restaurant, Spanish Rotisseri, Los Zarapes, Fox & Hounds, Oriental Seafood Buffett, Aventuras Sports Bar,   El Inca, My Island Jerk Spot & Sports Bar, Delicias Cafe, Happy Garden, Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine, Number 1 of Kissimmee Chinese, Sabor De Caribe, Chirico Restaurant, Puerto Rico’s Cafe and Pita Oven.

Located off the beaten 192 path near downtown Kissimmee are a couple of great choices including Chef John’s Dockside Inn (see photo of food below), El Rey De Los Pollos, Azteca’s Mexican Restaurant, Nene’s Restaurant, Signature By the Lake, Susan’s Courtside Cafe, and La-Forchetta Ristorante.

Kissimmee restaurant dockside

Moving east of the downtown area, non-chain restaurants in Kissimmee include still other choices, such as, La Gota Fria, Philippine Fiesta Restaurant, Tortilleria y Restaurate Los Primos, El Sabor Caribeno, Bramlis Tropical Restaurant, Sabor Valluno, Corner Bistro Delicatessen/Pizzeria, Cinco de Mayo Mexican Kitchen, Northlake Foods, Third Base Pub, Billys Restaurant, Rodeo Diner, Wing Alley, Club Fuego Restaurant and China Wok.

There sure are a lot of lesser-known restaurants located in Kissimmee! For a dine-in experience, you’ll not have far to go to find a unique choice. If you have a favorite restaurant in Kissimmee that may not be very well-known, be sure to tell us about it. Happy eating!


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