Restaurants in Kissimmee: Fast Food Overview

Hamburger and Fries at fast food restaurants in Kissimmee

As with any metropolitan area, Kissimmee offers many restaurant choices. After all, a large number of tourist visit our Central Florida theme parks, and they must eat somewhere! The wide variety of restaurants in Kissimmee include several categories, and within each, there are a great number of choices. Categories most thought of when seeking a restaurant in Kissimmee or elsewhere are – fast food, fine dining, specialty cuisines, buffets, breakfast/dessert only, dinner shows and some unique-to-the-area dining choices.

Beginning with fast food restaurants in Kissimmee, you’ll find nearly every chain known to the U.S. We have the burger joints – McDonald’s, Burger King, Krystal, Wendy’s, Checkers and Five Guys. Chicken choices include your normal chains of Chick-Fil-A, KFC and Popeyes. There is also a Long John Silver’s nearer to downtown Kissimmee. Although Church’s Chicken, Arby’s, Bojangles and Sonic Drive-in can be found up the road in Orlando or further down in St. Cloud, there are no restaurants located within the Kissimmee city limits.

While there are several taco and Mexican restaurants in Kissimmee, Taco Bell has the monopoly on nationally recognized fast food chain stores here with 3 locations. They do have some tough competition when it comes to Mexican food though. (See the many options of restaurants offering Mexican cuisine.) Some would include Polo Tropical in this category, even though their cuisine is Latin American and Caribbean. This chain can also be found in Kissimmee.

Other fast food options that do not offer drive-thru service include sub sandwiches. The chain restaurants in Kissimmee include Firehouse, Subway, Blimpie, Jimmy John’s and Quizno’s. Some local less-known sandwich shops that you should try, since they aren’t run-of-the-mill chain stores, include Have a Sandwich Day (on Broadway), Summit Subs (on W. Irlo Bronson) and La Carrata Bakery, Deli & Kitchen located off the beaten path on Buenaventura Blvd. There are fast food restaurants in Kissimmee that offer pizza as well as sub sandwiches, however, those will be included in a pizza category at a later date.

Establishments that could be considered fast food restaurants that offer Chinese, Japanese or Thai cuisine can also be found in Kissimmee. Carry-out service is popular with many of these restaurants. They too will be featured in another post.

Bottom line is there are many of the familiar fast food restaurants located in Kissimmee. If you are visiting the area, you won’t have to drive very far along U.S. 192 to find one. Several are located off this busy corridor, so have no fear. If the young ones (or you) are craving a fast food fix, you’ll easily be able to fulfill the need for fast food cuisine.

Visit this site again as we cover the many other options for dining in Kissimmee. If you have a favorite, be sure to contact Al. Happy eating!

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