Swim with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove

If you love dolphins and other ocean life, you will love this Orlando attraction. Discovery Cove, a sister theme park to SeaWorld, allows you the chance to “talk, touch, play and swim” with bottlenose dolphins. For many visitors, it is a chance of a lifetime.

Reservations are needed since the park only admits 1000 people per day allowing for a relaxing experience. When calling to reserve your family entrance into this Orlando attraction you have three packages to choose from; non-dolphin swim, dolphin swim, and the “Trainer for the Day.”

The cost may seem expensive, but it is all-inclusive admission including; unlimited food and drink, consisting of lunch and breakfast, equipment rental; snorkels, fins, wet suits, towels, etc. Since Busch owns the park you also receive a free ticket to your choice of one of its sister parks – SeaWorld or Busch Gardens in Tampa. You will experience all of Discovery Cove’s attractions and a full day’s fun at another theme park. With all of this included, the price is quite reasonable.

What can you expect on your visit when entering this Orlando attraction is tranquility; surrounded by a tropical oasis while being treated like royalty by the staff. When arriving, an informative video and talk with your trainer is held. Then, if the dolphin swim package was selected, you head there. If not, there is a lot more activities to enjoy.

The “Dolphin Swim Experience” allows you to interact with your dolphin, along with a trainer, and then take a ride across the pool and back holding their fin. The experience of playing with these magnificent creatures last 30 minutes and the pool area is limited to six to eight guests at a time.

Afterwards, go snorkeling at the Tropical Reef along with stingrays, tropical fish and coming eye to eye with sharks and barracudas. Before tiring yourself out, it is highly advised to casually swim down to the Wind-Away River where you can enjoy waterfalls, a rain forest, waterfalls, an underwater cave as well as a beach and rocky terrain area. The surroundings will relax you beyond belief.

There is more to see at this Orlando attraction so experience all there is at the Tropical Reef and Wind-Way River, but do not forget to save time to experience other amazing opportunities offered at Discovery Cove. Explorer’s Aviary allows you to see tropical birds at a close distance and Serenity Bay; a surreal area with sandy beaches, waterfalls and a pool.

Orlando attraction planning needs to be done in order to save up, then make reservations. Be sure to take advantage of the second park for free that Discovery Cove offers. Two theme parks for the price of one! You won’t be disappointed.


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