Wonderworks: Wonder No More, Come Have Fun!

Wonderworks Upside Down Building

Wonderworks should be at the top of everyone’s Orlando attraction planning list. Reasonably priced to take the whole family, it is located right off of International Drive…right down the road from everything! This Orlando attraction is encompassed in an upside-down building. Those that have passed by, and have never stopped, wonder what it really is and what the history behind it is. Well, wonder no more.

With the current rainy days we’ve had, visiting Wonderworks is a fun thing to do in Orlando when it is too wet or hot to enjoy outdoor activities.

Rumor has it that the Orlando attraction, Wonderworks, started out as a scientific experiment in the Bermuda Triangle. It has been said that scientists were given the task to harness the POWER from a man-made tornado that they created. Something went amuck and the building flew into Orlando, landing on its roof; therefore, all the hundred plus interactive exhibits inside the house are upside-down.

When entering this Orlando attraction it sounds like the house is wanting to fall. Stepping inside, you become inverted in order to visit all the sites which are upside-down. Wonderworks is the ultimate place to learn and interact with science. It is perfect for the wanna-be-nerd.

After entering, you will go through a cool inversion tunnel. The rotating multi-colored tunnel contains a walkway which, upon reaching the other side, allows you to defy gravity in order to visit all the exhibits. How cool is that?!

Wonderworks Earthquake ExperienceExperiencing an actual earthquake can be a scary thought. However, when experiencing an earthquake inside Wonderworks, it is scary yet exciting. This Orlando attraction recreates an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale. This exhibit is based on the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that stopped the World Series. It is very realistic. Visit the Disaster Zone for this experience.

Even though hurricanes can be experienced in Florida, people are usually in safe zones when they do hit. This Orlando attraction allows you to experience what 71 mph winds of an actual hurricane feel like. This is also in the Disaster Zone. These should be experienced by everyone.

In Wonder Coasters, a part of this Orlando attraction, you are able to build your own roller coaster, with twists, turns and loops. Taking the coaster for a spin is the ultimate thrill in the virtual coaster ride.

In the Space Zone visitors put on Astronaut suits and explore the universe. A souvenir picture in a famous exploration environment is available. There are so many interactive exhibits at this Orlando attraction that to name them all, or even a fraction, would be difficult. Visiting is a must for your vacation.

Along with the many exhibits there is a laser tag and rope climbing area available. Dinner and a comedy club dinner show is available with reservations. This is the perfect place to have the young scientist in your families’ birthday party.

Wonderworks is the ultimate scientific Orlando attraction. Seeing and experiencing it all should be on everyone’s bucket list. Make your plans to visit soon. Arrive early to get the best seats, or sites, in the house. Wonderworks is the place to learn all about the world and why things happen, all while having fun…and being upside-down.

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