You won’t be able to beat the heat this summer (at least not this way), but next summer you’ll have an extremely fun option when it comes to an afternoon of fun. Who doesn’t like driving go karts? Every day many people line up at go kart tracks to enjoy this pleasurable past time. In the summer it can be brutal – the heat and afternoon thunderstorms can really put a damper on this form of entertainment. Early in 2014, this will all change.

I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is coming to Orlando! The go kart attraction plans to be open next January after construction begins next month. It will take up 76,000 square feet of an existing warehouse located one block off of International Drive on Vanguard Street (fairly close to Fun Spot and Orlando Premium Outlets). This new business will also create about 100 new jobs.

The go kart track will be a half mile long with curves, lights and more, but look fast; the course is anticipated to only take eight minutes to complete! The cost to ride has not been announced, but racers will be challenged to experience it more than once. “Racer Cards” are used to track your time as well as queue you up for your next race. With the possiblity of 16 other racers per heat, you are sure to have a lot of competition.

Guest will be able to enjoy a food and beverage area while waiting their turn on these state-of-the-art go karts. There are also plans to include a few bowling lanes and an arcade area. You will also be able to walk over a windowed bridge to view the races that are taking place. A great way to check out the competition, or pick up a few driving pointers.

You might be wondering about the noise or the fumes. Most Orlando go kart tracks are operated with gas powered go karts. Not so at the new I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing attraction. The France-based kart manufacturer, Sodi Karts, has invented electric-powered carts with little operating noise and absolutely no fumes. They look amazingly stylish too, but look fast. They can zoom by topping speeds of 45 miles per hour! On an indoor course, that is fast!

It may be hot outside, but this place is going to be a hot ticket next year. Watch this video, said to resemble AMP Group’s vision for this new theme park coming to Orlando. They are the group that is building the new indoor go kart attraction. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?