Capone’s 25th anniversary celebration will take place throughout the entire year beginning this month! The gang invites you to experience “25 Years of Memories” each and every evening. The experience will transport you back in time, not only to the prohibition era, but through 25 years of local show business. There are multiple ways to get in on the ‘take.’ Everyone is invited.
Capone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

The Latest Rumble About Capone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

News is slowly being released from the High Pillows. I’m no rat, but feel like I gotta inform the family ’bout a great score that’s ’bout to happen. Yous sees, on the 25th of each month, one of yas is goin’ to score some serious scratch. How do you rate, yous ask? Jus’ by showin’ up at Al’s joint on January 25, 2017 and taken a chance on bein’ the big cheese.

– a snitch inside the organization

Take-home souvenirs are randomly given to a select number of guests each evening during the infamous gangster shoot out. However, on the 25th night of each month, a grand prize will be given to one lucky guest (must be 18 to enter). Prizes will vary from month to month, but trust the wise guys and gals – you won’t want to miss out on the chance to win.

If you will be sharing a 25th birthday or anniversary, Capone’s gang will help you celebrate like never before. Just be sure you’re not the shy type. Businesses celebrating a milestone (25 years or more), can enjoy a special group rate put together by a group specialist. Have your celebration at Al’s joint and create new memories for years to come.

Still ahead, the gang will offer several unique ways for you to share your own memories. It promises to be “25 Years of Memories” you won’t soon forget! Stay tuned, ya follow?!

New Show Coming This Spring

A new show will open this spring at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Special discounts, contests and gifts will precede the 25 days leading up to its opening. Be sure to stay informed by following Al on Facebook, or subscribe to his entertaining newsletter.

Additionally, Capone’s 25th-anniversary celebration will offer many other ways for you to share in the fun throughout the year. Turn moments into great memories. Celebrate at Capone’s Dinner & Show!

Last Updated on October 19, 2020