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Price Increase Alert: Get Tickets Now!

I’ve never been one to like surprises, and I especially don’t like to pay more than expected – for anything. That’s why the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show is making it no secret that a price increase is coming. It’s a small one, but it’s the little things that matter to some, and Big Al wants to let everyone in on the scoop.

Effective Monday, May 23rd Capone’s will be increasing general ticket prices to $73.99 for adults and $49.99 for kids (4 to 12). Children 3 years and under will remain free with a reserved seat. If you use a coupon or purchase your tickets online, you get a discount of 50%. These discount prices end up being $36.99 for adults and $24.99 for children plus tax. This is an increase of $4 per ticket, as the current regular rates are $69.99 (adults) and $45.99 (children). Group rates will begin as low as $32.99 and can be made by consulting with a group reservation specialist at 407-397-2378.

Purchase Tickets Now

Here’s the deal though. You can buy your tickets now – even for reservations after May 23 and get the existing rate! So if you are thinking of going to the show, or already have an evening in mind, buy your tickets now and save! Currently, the online calendar goes through August, so purchasing tickets now is a great way to plan an evening of summer fun. For larger groups, this can result in big savings!

To continue serving fine spirits, hearty meals and producing the best cabaret this side of Chicago, the Boss has found it necessary to pass on a portion of the inflationary costs to his guests. This is the first price increase in 5 years and we regret it is necessary.

With the price increase, Capone’s will be able to continue to provide the quality of food and entertainment it is so well-known for. As many previous guests know, the service they receive is spectacular and management is keen on keeping great staff. There are also some upgrades being planned for the theater.  It is a priority to make the dining experience at Capone’s Dinner & Show enjoyable and the show memorable. Big Al & Mama Capone wouldn’t want it any other way!

30 Years - Capone's Dinner & ShowAs Capone’s Dinner & Show enters their 30th year, the gang continues to create an experience at this Orlando dinner show nothing short of, well, a blast! Even with the price increase, I believe Capone’s Dinner & Show remains the best Orlando dinner show value around. You still receive unlimited drinks (including alcohol, which many dinner shows have stopped serving altogether!), free parking, and a show that just keeps getting better and better.

Unlike other Orlando attractions that raise their prices overnight without warning, you have now been warned…get your tickets before May 23 and save!!

* Tax and gratuity not included in these totals.
Parties of 10 or more will have minimal gratuity added at $3.50 per paying guest.


Capone’s Dinner Show Re-Opening in July

Al with maskDue to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, we have made the decision to re-open with a limited schedule at this time. We will be monitoring the situation and determining the best schedule going forward. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please call the box office at 407-397-2378. Stay safe everyone!


It’s time to get this party re-started! Capone’s Dinner Show will be re-opening Saturday, July 25, 2020. We had to shut the party down just as we were getting into our 28th Anniversary Celebration. Well, no more! We’re re-opening better than ever.

Capone’s Dinner Show Re-Opening

Capone’s Dinner & Show Re-Opening Schedule

On July 25th, our first nightly show will take place at 8:00 p.m. Our online ticket system is taking reservations now. Our box office is also open receiving reservations by phone – call 407-397-2378. We will continue to feature only one show per night on a limited schedule, providing our staff plenty of time to sanitize our beautiful theater. Once the summer season is over (August 25), our showtime will be at 7:30 p.m.


What’s New – 6 Things to Note

  1. When waiting outside in line, you will need to stay 6 feet behind the party in front of you. By now, we figure you know what this space is, but if you need help, a masked wise guy will beat it in to remind you. Speaking of masks, guests will be required to wear one to enter, while moving about the theater, and during the performance portion of the evening.
  2. No loitering in the gift shop. As much as we’d love for you to be able to case the joint browse, this is not a realistic option during this time. Only a few guests will be allowed in the lobby at a time. You can still pre-order costume accessories and have them waiting for you with your ticket order.
  3. Gone is the serve-yourself-buffet. A 4-course dinner will replace it, served by Al’s finest. Enjoy appetizers, bread & salad, entrée/sides and dessert, and of course unlimited hooch drinks. Select your own appetizer & entrée from an Italian/American dinner menu fit for any mob boss. In fact, Al says, “Don’t yous worry none. There’ll be plenty of favorites on the menu. More entrée selections than any other area dinner show!” Portions will still be plentiful. A child’s menu will be available, as well as options for those with dietary restrictions.
  4. Capone’s Dinner Show re-opening plans also include social distancing for guests inside the speakeasy. Tables are spread out providing plenty of sneezing breathing room. We are following all CDC guidelines, including capacity limits.
  5. Guest/Cast interaction will be limited. However, bantering, talking back, having a nice conversation with the cast will still be welcomed. After all, our wise guys and gals are the best in the business when it comes to improv comedy and one-liners. Don’t expect an attitude change.
  6. Guest mug shots will still be available, however, photos with the cast will not happen at this time. As much as Bunny-June would love to smother you with appreciation for coming to see her, it will not be allowed. Nor will the wise guys get too close with their threats, guns, friendly gestures.

Welcome Back to Our Joint

Our gang cannot wait to welcome you back. Join us in celebrating our re-opening and our 28th anniversary. The party will resume and the gangster giveaway prizes will be better than ever. There will be slight modifications to the show, but nothing to ‘snap a cap’ out. As Al would say, Prohibition [COVID-19] has made nothing but trouble.” Let’s get back to having a blast from like we did in the past!

Al’s a generous guy. He’s still offering tickets at 50% Off. Get the coupon.

Capone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration All Year Long!

Capone’s 25th anniversary celebration will take place throughout the entire year beginning this month! The gang invites you to experience “25 Years of Memories” each and every evening. The experience will transport you back in time, not only to the prohibition era, but through 25 years of local show business. There are multiple ways to get in on the ‘take.’ Everyone is invited.
Capone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

The Latest Rumble About Capone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

News is slowly being released from the High Pillows. I’m no rat, but feel like I gotta inform the family ’bout a great score that’s ’bout to happen. Yous sees, on the 25th of each month, one of yas is goin’ to score some serious scratch. How do you rate, yous ask? Jus’ by showin’ up at Al’s joint on January 25, 2017 and taken a chance on bein’ the big cheese.

– a snitch inside the organization

Take-home souvenirs are randomly given to a select number of guests each evening during the infamous gangster shoot out. However, on the 25th night of each month, a grand prize will be given to one lucky guest (must be 18 to enter). Prizes will vary from month to month, but trust the wise guys and gals – you won’t want to miss out on the chance to win.

If you will be sharing a 25th birthday or anniversary, Capone’s gang will help you celebrate like never before. Just be sure you’re not the shy type. Businesses celebrating a milestone (25 years or more), can enjoy a special group rate put together by a group specialist. Have your celebration at Al’s joint and create new memories for years to come.

Still ahead, the gang will offer several unique ways for you to share your own memories. It promises to be “25 Years of Memories” you won’t soon forget! Stay tuned, ya follow?!

New Show Coming This Spring

A new show will open this spring at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Special discounts, contests and gifts will precede the 25 days leading up to its opening. Be sure to stay informed by following Al on Facebook, or subscribe to his entertaining newsletter.

Additionally, Capone’s 25th-anniversary celebration will offer many other ways for you to share in the fun throughout the year. Turn moments into great memories. Celebrate at Capone’s Dinner & Show!

Capone’s Dinner & Show Does Corporate Parties!


This is the time of the year when companies (big and small) start to plan their holiday party. Corporations as well as small mom & pop stores use the holiday season to reflect on the year and celebrate as a business. For some, an annual holiday celebration includes a facility rental, complete with a banquet and an awards ceremony. For others, a night out is planned to meet, eat & enjoy each other’s fellowship outside the work place. Have you been put in charge of the annual company party?  Perhaps your business hasn’t had a party in a few years. Why not start a new tradition? Capone’s Dinner & Show does corporate parties!

Whether you are searching for a facility in which you can rent for a big office party, or just looking for an affordable group activity, Capone’s Dinner & Show has you covered. Our group packages are customizable from pre-show facility rentals, to discounted group tickets. This speakeasy makes it easy with parties and group deals made just for you and your gang.

Facility rental includes the opportunity to have the joint all to yourself for as many hours prior to the nightly show as required. If you are looking for a MC for your awards service, let one of our wise guys or gals host the ceremony. Perhaps you’d like an entertainment act during your private get-together – the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show has you covered. If you have a group of 100 or more people, you can even schedule your very own matinee show! Other features that are offered for corporate party rentals, include:

  •  Special Occasion Cake(s)
  •  Group Gifts
  •  Basic or Premium Bar Service
  •  Pre-show Hors D’oeuvres
  •  Other Special Services

Maybe you work at a small office and your boss has asked you for an idea of what to get everyone that works there as a small token of his or her appreciation. Tell your boss that “The Boss” can hook everyone up with an evening out at his joint – Capone’s Dinner & Show. Come as a group (you only need 15 adults to get a great deal), or purchase gift certificates for each employee to enjoy the dinner show on their own.

So many guests have enjoyed the show at Capone’s (read the reviews on Trip Advisor), why not share it with everyone at work, or with your group of friends or other organization? A group deal like this is perfect for family, friends, corporations, businesses of all sizes, tour groups, churches and other organizations. Have family coming to town for the holidays? Need something fun for everyone from great-grandpa to little 3-year old niece to enjoy? Think Capone’s!

Between the delicious buffet, to the dress-the-part costumes, your group get-together will be a blast. Start planning now for your gang’s visit at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Like many other groups, your holiday party could become a tradition, so hurry and schedule your date today! Group deals are filling up fast! Click here to begin the custom group party request, or call 407-397-2378.

Orlando Dinner Show: Last 10 Performances of “Marvel Strikes Back”

Tonight will begin the curtain call countdown for Capone’s Dinner & Show’s newest production, “Marvel Strikes Back.” The new “story” which began a little over a year ago, is scheduled for it’s last performance on October 11, 2013. For those of you who attended a show at this Orlando dinner show venue prior to a year ago, and want to see this particular production, you have 10 more chances. Don’t be confused. Capone’s will remain open with nightly shows. The pre-20th anniversary show “Bugs Creates Chaos” will take its place every night until Thanksgiving day. The single-show schedule will allow the cast to prepare for the holiday show which runs through New Years day.

Orlando dinner show photo featuring a character at Capone's Dinner & ShowTonight (Friday) begins the count down to this show’s final performance. You can make reservations online or by phone to see “Marvel Strikes Back” which is performed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This show features the return of a humorous character named Detective Marvel. Well, he used to be a detective. After being demoted to beat cop, he is as determined as ever to shut the joint down. Fingers Salvatorio, a popular character that has been featured in this Orlando dinner show for many years, has other plans. He has moved up in the organization and needs to keep Al’s joint up and running strong. Facing many pressures, including fatherhood and getting Bunny June out of the slammer, see how he handles the return of this copper.

This special anniversary show has also featured new songs, costumes and a special message from Al himself. See and hear them while you can. While a few of the features in this hilarious show will continue in the nightly show, many will not. The stand-up comedy portion of each show will remain, even within the holiday show. It is often the most memorable for the guests, and because of it, no two shows are ever alike. The gangster shoot out will also carry over into the nightly show. For guests that haven’t been to this Orlando dinner show in over a year, the shoot out will be new for you. Hint: The gangsters do NOT use your standard issued Tommy Guns filled with ordinary ammunition. When this action begins, you won’t mind catching a “bullet!”

Be sure to make your reservations and see this show in its final few performances. Attend the “family reunion” while you can. Help find a rat in the organization, all while enjoying a feast fit for a boss. Tickets online are half price. If you phone in your reservation (407-397-2378), be sure to ask for the internet special. You may also print the coupon found online or in many tourist publications, making this one of the best values for your money. No other Orlando dinner show provides so much at these prices!

See Marvel while you can and enjoy the show. After October 11th, his character might see a final curtain call. Or will he? You’ll have to return and see the show again after the holidays to find out!