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Tips to Beat the Florida Heat – Visitors Stay Cool

Beat the Florida HeatListed in this article are common and not-so-common tips to beat the Florida heat. Visitors think that because they come from an area where 90+ temperatures are common, the Florida heat will not be an issue. What they don’t know is Florida’s heat is different. They arrive in Orlando for vacation and are often caught off guard.

Cool Dinner Show Tickets

In Florida, hot days combined with high humidity, can create a dangerous situation. Perspiration cannot evaporate and cool the body effectively, which can lead to heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion or stroke. Heat-related illnesses can even lead to death. Elderly people, small children, or persons who are on certain medications, overweight, or have an alcohol habit are particularly vulnerable to heat stress.

Keep Yourself Cool by Following These Common Tips to Beat the Florida Heat

  1. Drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty.  Avoid dehydrating beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea, or soda.
  2. Dress appropriately – Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing.
  3. Avoid the midday heat. It is hottest between noon and 4pm, so those are great times to enjoy indoor activities when possible.  Limit vigorous activities during this time.
  4. Eat light. Avoid heavy meals, and try to eat items with high water content, such as fruit or salad.
  5. Wear a white hat or carry an umbrella. Blocking the sun’s harmful rays will keep you cooler and will help prevent sunburn.
  6. Use “cool” gadgets, such as personal mister fans, a thermal-cool neck wrap, or just a spray bottle to mist your face.
  7. Seek Air Conditioning!
  8. Take plenty of baths or showers. Water conducts heat away from the body, so a tepid rinse is a great cooling technique.
  9. Enjoy water play. Whether it is the ocean, your hotel pool, a water park, or an interactive splash fountain… enjoy playing in the water wherever you are.
  10. Wear sunscreen. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than getting a severe sunburn on the first day.

Theme Park Tips

You’ve planned your summer vacation and want to get the most out of your theme park tickets. That is understandable. You’ve read the above tips and think you are prepared. Still, you wish you knew a few more tips to beat the Florida heat while at the theme parks. They include:

  1. Get to the parks early. If staying on property and can enjoy more than one day at the theme park, go back to your accommodations during the heat of the day. Return after 4pm and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening.
  2. See the shows. Many are under cover if not within air conditioning. Alternate between a ‘hot’ attraction and a ‘cool’ show.
  3. Select rides and attractions wisely. Know which ones are indoor and out. Know what the common wait lines are during the summer. Plan well. Here are some cooler suggestions:
    – Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain in Tomorrowland; Splash Mountain (even though the wait is long)
    – Universal Orlando’s indoor rides include Transformers: The Ride in 3-D; Simpsons ride and Terminator. Jurassic Park: The Ride may have a long wait, but is sure to cool you off
    – SeaWorld Orlando’s Arctic Encounter, Sharks Encounter and Antarctica Empire of the Penguin

Water Parks & the Beach

Orlando Water Parks are great at keeping everyone entertained and cool. Read about each one in our water park listing. As long as you remember your sunscreen, hat and a light-colored cover-up, you’ll be sure to have a great day in the Florida sun. Do remember, however, that afternoon storms are very common and your day of fun could be cut short. INSIDER’S TIP: It is worth noting that the coastal sea breezes are often the cause of the storms. They meet in the middle of the state and cause lightning and rain. An alternate day of water fun can be found at the beach! While it may be raining in Orlando (nearly every day in the summer), it is often not raining on the coast. Going to the beach is an inexpensive, great way to spend a day in Florida.

Alternatives That Are Fun in Any Type of Weather

Orlando is full of many attractions and fun things to do. Whether it is nice outside or hot, check out these not-so-common ways to beat the Florida heat:

Remember, Capone’s Dinner & Show is open every evening in AIR CONDITIONING! It is a great way to spend an evening after being on your feet all day. For over 2 hours, you can eat, drink and be happy – – – and cool! So stop by early and have an ice cold beverage at the Four Deuces Lounge and stay for the show. It’s a blast from the past – and cool too!

This post was originally written June 2, 2010 and has been updated for your information.

Fun Things to Do in Orlando: Exploring Theme Parks

Disney World vacation in Orlando

There are a number of fun things to do in Orlando. One of them is visiting the theme parks. Walt Disney World is one that many families visit. For one, it is bigger than the one in California. Here, there are more attractions to see and more rides to try. There are also more shops to visit in Walt Disney World.

Shopping in theme parks, particularly in Walt Disney World is fun. In their souvenir shops, one can buy Mickey Mouse ear-shaped headbands and hats. Some of them may even have ribbons like that of Minnie Mouse’s. Key chains, bookmarks, pencil cases and T-shirts which are exclusively designed by Walt Disney can also be bought there. Buying souvenirs and such that kids and adults in your home can use can be considered as one of the many fun things to do in Orlando.

Aside from Walt Disney World, Orlando also has Sea World. If the kids are fond of marine life, this is where they can find dolphins, stingrays and other marine inhabitants. The marine life is another list of things to see and experience in Orlando, Florida. In Sea World, you can have the kids experience various activities like feeding dolphins. You can also allow them to pet stingrays in Sea World. Shows are also held in Sea World like the Cirque de la Mer. Families will surely be amazed by the acrobatic tricks and such that are performed in this show which resembles acrobatic shows in circuses.

You should not forget to visit Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida as well. This theme park boasts of 40 rides, movie sets and various attractions. There are also shows families can attend. Dining and shopping can also be done at the Universal Studios CityWalk. Families can be entertained as there are shows held there every now and then. It is a fun experience and can be done in the evening without an entrance fee.

If you want to see Steven Spielberg’s works come to life, another of the many fun things to do in Orlando is to visit the Islands of Adventure theme park. While you go shopping for various souvenirs for your family and friends, the kids can try different attractions and rides found there. Many adults love these rides too.

There are other theme parks to go to when one is in Orlando, Florida. But aside from those, there are other things that should be put in your list of fun things to do in Orlando like shopping. Shopping is, of course, imminent as there are so many stores to go to while there. The next time you plan to go on a family vacation, Orlando has lots of theme parks, nature parks and more where both adults and kids can have fun.

Make Your Orlando Vacation Anything But Ordinary

The thought of escaping the demands and distractions of modern living and taking an Orlando vacation is indeed appealing. It provides you a way to relax your mind and free yourself of worries. The mere mention of a vacation to Orlando to your friends will surely leave them green with envy, because this place is indeed worth exploring. For your vacation to be out of the ordinary, it is important to opt for activities that the whole family can enjoy.

alligator photoA family vacation in Orlando will not be memorable without activities to keep your kids entertained. Disney World will surely be the first option for vacationers, but aside from this astonishing attraction, there are still lots of venues intended for kids. Other must-see sites you can check out with your children include Ridemakerz, Pony Rides, LEGO Imagination Center, Sea World and many more. If you wish to experience close encounters with crocodiles and alligators, you should head for Gatorland. It is a breeding marsh where you can see a petting zoo and go for a nature walk. It also offers fun shows such as the Gator Wrestlin’ Show and the Up-Close Encounters Show.

In exploring Orlando during your vacation, transportation is going to be essential and what better way to make your exploration worthwhile than renting a car. There are plenty of car operators for you to choose from, and they can guide you to Orlando’s famed attractions and landmarks. Read this informative article about getting around in Orlando.

If you are going to bring your furry friend on your Orlando vacation, make sure the hotel you will be staying at is also pet-friendly. You will not run out of accommodation options, because Orlando offers vacation rentals where pets are definitely welcome. There are also many pet-friendly hotels in Orlando. As you relax, your dog will also have plenty of room to play as well. You should take note though that most Orlando vacation rentals require a pet fee for carpet and upholstery cleaning. The fee varies from operator to operator.

Sampling Orlando’s enticing dishes is also necessary and there are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from such as Chili’s Grill & Bar, Eleven at Reunion Resort, David’s Club at Omni Resort, Tuscana Resort, etc. If you want to be entertained while sinking your teeth into Orlando’s scrumptious treats, you can also opt for dinner shows such as Capone’s Dinner & Show. Other noteworthy dinner shows you can consider include Arabian Nights, Disney’s Dining Experience, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and more. An Orlando vacation that is anything but ordinary can be experienced with these tips and guidelines.

Packages and Discount Orlando Tickets

Orlando is an ideal place to have a vacation in because it is a basically a city that has everything that anybody could ever want in a vacation.  This trip is made accessible to everybody because of discount Orlando tickets and different package deals. Going to such a great and versatile place like Orlando has never been more affordable.

The trip may be affordable, but once a person is there, the different amenities that tourist will require during their stay will also have to be considered. This is why so many visitors look to find a complete package deal with discount Orlando tickets. The package takes care of necessities during the trip such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, different restaurants and even dinner shows such as Capone’s Dinner & Show.

There are a variety of packages that people can find. All they have to do is choose which one they like most. This is great, because people can have tours and go to different attractions that they will enjoy.

There are also packages that are great for the entire family. It is a way to make sure that every member enjoys their trip to Orlando. This city has theme parks for the children, spas for moms and golf courses for dads. It also has art attractions and it has a lively night scene. This trip has something for everyone.

Different kinds of people can afford this trip, because of the discounted Orlando tickets that are out there. No matter what you do, people all need a certain kind of break from the pressures that working for a living comes with.  A vacation to Orlando is also a great way to get the family together and spend some quality time. Great memories are waiting.

Discount Orlando tickets can also get people a great price for different occasions such as weddings that are to be held in Orlando. It is a city that really does have everything for everyone. It is no wonder people go there for their vacation, or even their honeymoon!

Visitors may wonder how they can get their discount Orlando tickets. The truth is that it is actually pretty simple. They just need to be resourceful. Research can be very helpful. The internet is a great resource to have. It seems to have an almost unlimited amount of information. A person can easily read about how other trips to Orlando went, and how people saved money on their trip. People should also research different promotions and offers a travel agency has. Be sure to do your homework on the company itself and only purchase from those that have high ratings, good references and accreditation.

Have fun planning your trip. That too can be part of the fun. Get the family involved and enjoy your Orlando vacation!

Fun Things to Do in Orlando from Reel to Real

“I’m flying! Jack, I’m flying!” Familiar with this line? Did you picture Jack and Rose as they locked themselves in each others arms at the stern? Yes, it is the scene from the famous and blockbuster film (reel) Titanic which was shown in 1997. If you’re a fan, then you’ll probably enjoy the Titanic Exhibit on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The experience at this attraction is surely one of the fun things to do in Orlando.

Titanic Exhibit in Orlando, Florida

The exhibit concerning the “unsinkable” ship that collided with an iceberg which made it sunk is now available for curious enthusiasts to enjoy. Through the display and demonstration, you can observe what was really happening during the night of tragedy. You can even hear and feel the mood and atmosphere inside the Titanic on the night before it sank down to the ocean floor. Read more about an interesting artifact at this attraction… Who knew that some fun things to do in Orlando could be filled with facts and history?! You’re not only entertained, you’re also educated. The Titanic Exhibit will give you a memorable event that you’ll treasure forever, just like how Rose cherished Jack through the years despite his physical absence.

Titanic The Experience offers a dinner show on selected evenings which is a very fun thing to do in Orlando. Unlike Capone’s Dinner & Show which offers a show every day of the year, attending this Orlando dinner show should be carefully planned due to the limited nature of its schedule. You’ll enjoy reliving the Titanic dream while dining. For reservations, call 407-248-1166.

If you’re more rational than emotional, why don’t you add an odd attraction on your tour list? How about going inside an unevenly built structure which kind of resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Would you still enter that building despite of its blown-up look? Yes, you should! Inside is a museum (of sorts) stuffed with strange spectacles that will certainly awaken your brain cells. Would you believe that? Of course you would because…it’s the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! This attraction, also located on International Drive, proves that fun things to do in Orlando can also be in a form of intriguing items that will make you wow and whoa.

Ripley's building in Orlando

Inside Ripley’s attraction, you can operate some of the displays that open your curiosity. Most of them are mind-boggling puzzles that will make you think beyond the lessons you’ve learned inside your four-cornered classrooms. Such interactive exhibits hone not only your stock knowledge but also your ability to imagine and reason further than the conventional thought. Bear in mind that some of the displays are too sensitive for your kids and for your stomach as well. You may find some of them as too weird to handle but wonderful to ponder. Just keep your gut strong and open your mind to new ideas. If you want to visit other museums in Central Florida, we’ve created a list for you. See our Museum Directory.

See? Fun things to do in Orlando are not limited to common attractions, scenery and sanctuaries. They can also be enlightening, whether reel or real.