“I’m flying! Jack, I’m flying!” Familiar with this line? Did you picture Jack and Rose as they locked themselves in each others arms at the stern? Yes, it is the scene from the famous and blockbuster film (reel) Titanic which was shown in 1997. If you’re a fan, then you’ll probably enjoy the Titanic Exhibit on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The experience at this attraction is surely one of the fun things to do in Orlando.

Titanic Exhibit in Orlando, Florida

The exhibit concerning the “unsinkable” ship that collided with an iceberg which made it sunk is now available for curious enthusiasts to enjoy. Through the display and demonstration, you can observe what was really happening during the night of tragedy. You can even hear and feel the mood and atmosphere inside the Titanic on the night before it sank down to the ocean floor. Read more about an interesting artifact at this attraction… Who knew that some fun things to do in Orlando could be filled with facts and history?! You’re not only entertained, you’re also educated. The Titanic Exhibit will give you a memorable event that you’ll treasure forever, just like how Rose cherished Jack through the years despite his physical absence.

Titanic The Experience offers a dinner show on selected evenings which is a very fun thing to do in Orlando. Unlike Capone’s Dinner & Show which offers a show every day of the year, attending this Orlando dinner show should be carefully planned due to the limited nature of its schedule. You’ll enjoy reliving the Titanic dream while dining. For reservations, call 407-248-1166.

If you’re more rational than emotional, why don’t you add an odd attraction on your tour list? How about going inside an unevenly built structure which kind of resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Would you still enter that building despite of its blown-up look? Yes, you should! Inside is a museum (of sorts) stuffed with strange spectacles that will certainly awaken your brain cells. Would you believe that? Of course you would because…it’s the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! This attraction, also located on International Drive, proves that fun things to do in Orlando can also be in a form of intriguing items that will make you wow and whoa.

Ripley's building in Orlando

Inside Ripley’s attraction, you can operate some of the displays that open your curiosity. Most of them are mind-boggling puzzles that will make you think beyond the lessons you’ve learned inside your four-cornered classrooms. Such interactive exhibits hone not only your stock knowledge but also your ability to imagine and reason further than the conventional thought. Bear in mind that some of the displays are too sensitive for your kids and for your stomach as well. You may find some of them as too weird to handle but wonderful to ponder. Just keep your gut strong and open your mind to new ideas. If you want to visit other museums in Central Florida, we’ve created a list for you. See our Museum Directory.

See? Fun things to do in Orlando are not limited to common attractions, scenery and sanctuaries. They can also be enlightening, whether reel or real.

Last Updated on May 13, 2024