Editor’s Note: CSI: The Experience closed October 2015.

Orlando attraction planning is not complete without including the “CSI: The Experience” exhibition.  The relatively new Exhibition and Event Center on International Drive houses this traveling exhibition. The location puts it in the perfect spot – right down the road from where all the major Orlando attractions are – Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Theme Parks, to name a couple. It is the perfect spot for visitors to experience the exhibit.

When the television series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigator” was looking to expand, the idea of creating a “CSI: Orlando” was considered. Afterall, “CSI: Miami” is just down the coast. This Orlando attraction brings procedural science to life. If you follow any of the television series, you’ll really enjoy this attraction.

Just adjacent to “Titanic: The Experience”, the “CSI” exhibition is housed in a white building trimmed with lime; crime-scene tape adds just the right accent to the outside. This ingenuity can alarm someone just passing by, if they are unaware of what is actually inside this facility. All in all, a perfect touch.

What can one expect to find at this Orlando attraction? “CSI: The Experience” combines entertainment with real-life investigative and scientific procedures. There are special effects, crime scene recreations, state-of-the-art crime labs to explore and thousands of handmade props. Guests are able to solve several mysteries and also play the part of an actual crime scene investigator.

Crime Scene Investigator scene

This Orlando attraction stems from a CSI-based exhibit that was developed partially by the Ft. Worth, Texas Museum of Science and History. With this fact in mind, be ready to experience an extreme, yet realistic, exhibition. The fact being, the television show is known to produce graphical re-enactments and there are taped appearances from the actors that star in the hit television show; visitors should brace themselves for the unexpected.

Participants at the Orlando attraction are assigned a case in which to investigate. Instructions are given out to examine the crime scene and then to sketch anything deemed as evidence. Some evidence is noticeable while some is not so noticeable. This will definitely make one start focusing more on little things in their everyday surroundings. Not everything is what it seems to be here.

There are three different scenes for visitors to partake in: “A House Collided”, “No Bones about It,” and “Who Got served?” Returning guests are not left trying to solve the same crime time and again. After guests collect evidence from their crime scene, they make their way to a crime lab to run the evidence through scientific tests. Attempting to prove a case, and for many proving the case, is a memorable experience.

Vacationing in Florida does not have to contain just Orlando attractions that contain coasters and other thrill rides, sometimes the thrill can be in solving a case. Based on the famous television series, “CSI: The Experience” actually gives each person an experience to remember. Visit a crime scene today and make memories to last a life time. You never know what mystery awaits you at this house of crime.

Last Updated on October 21, 2023