FastPass Offered Here Too!

With Walt Disney World announcing their new FastPass way to meet their characters, Capone’s Dinner & Show would like to explain their own version of a “fast pass” which we’ve been doing for several years. Like Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom, our gangsters and dames also like to mingle with our guests before and after our show. You’ll often find our wise guys entertaining the mob outside the theatre prior to the show, but did you know there is secret way into the theatre? Are you looking for a Fast Pass?

Disney’s new meet-and-greet opened last week and is located at the Town Square Theater inside the Exposition Hall just inside the park entrance. This makes it convenient for fans to see their favorite character, take photographs, get hugs and autographs. It marks the first time that a computerized service has been available for characters to meet their fans at any Disney Theme Park.

Capone’s “secret” pre-show “meet-and-greet” is at Al’s Secret Hideaway Bar. You can sit and relax with a beverage instead of standing in line. You also get seated at your reserved seats before general admission does, AND you get to go through the buffet line earlier! There is a price to pay though… each person in your party must drink up! That’s right. Each person must purchase a drink at the bar. The cost? As low as $2.50. What a bargain!

Now we love Mickey, but don’t think he’s pulling one over Al. Capone’s definitely has this meet-and-greet thing down. Just remember when you visit, like the mouse, our staff is ‘in character’ at all times. So put on your gangster hat, walk the walk and talk the talk. Think Fast Pass and join ‘the family’ at Capone’s tonight!

Mickey Mouse meets guests in Town Square Theater

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