Great Place to Dine While On Vacation in Orlando

Capone's food and service are great.

Orlando is a vacation destination, so it would seem fitting that there are a lot of places to dine at. After all, a recent survey performed by Trip Advisor revealed that more than half of travelers eat out 10 or more times during a typical one-week vacation. Many travelers even seek out a restaurant at their destination that reflects the local culture or is unique in some way to the region they are traveling to. Have you ever taken a “foodie” vacation?

Type Of Food

With 83 percent of vacationers seeking out a famed dish, might they also seek out a unique place to dine? One might think so. Especially since 19% of the people taking this survey have taken a “foodie” vacation, seeking out regional cuisine, yet still prefer American cuisine over all others. Close behind in cuisine choice is Italian. This makes Capone’s Dinner & Show a great place to dine while on vacation in Orlando! The delicious buffet is filled with American & Italian favorites, and the show and theatre make it about as unique to this local as any restaurant. Other cuisines ranking high in the survey were Mediterranean, Mexican and French. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed prefer to dine out at independent establishments rather than chain restaurants. You’ll not find another Capone’s dinner show anywhere!

Dining Type

Another reason Capone’s is an excellent choice for dining while on vacation is that it is casual dining. According to over one quarter of the people that responded to the survey, they like it laid back. Probably because they are on vacation. Many travel here with children and do not care to get all dressed up, just to worry about their kids behaving perfectly in a high-end restaurant setting. They prefer to be relaxed and go where their children can be kids, yet still have an enjoyable meal. Less than one percent choose fast food as their favorite type of restaurants to dine at while on vacation. Other choices included waterfront dining, bistros/cafes, al fresco and lastly fine dining.


Dining out is important while on vacation. Travelers want to indulge, yet not spend a lot on food. 55 percent of the travelers surveyed said discounts can sway their decision about where to dine. Another reason Capone’s is a great choice. With a 50% off coupon, vacationers can dine and get a show for what many restaurants would charge for dinner alone!


Visitors also do a lot of research on where to dine in Orlando prior to coming here for their vacation. They ask their friends on Facebook, read Trip Advisor, ask the concierge or hotel staff, or ask their travel agent when booking their trip to Orlando. Most tourists are spontaneous though with 55% saying that they rarely make reservations. While the folks at Capone’s Dinner & Show suggest you make reservations (regular admission is seated on a first come, best seat basis), reservations are not mandatory. Many guests walk in the evening of the show they want to attend and find tickets are still available. Personally, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.


Dining out is very important when on vacation. You don’t want to spend too much money, yet you want to have a good experience with good food and service. The wait staff at Capone’s Dinner & Show is second to none. They’ll treat you like “family,” which is significant as 56 percent of the people surveyed noted that slow or poor service is what annoys them the most about dining out.

So where do you dine out while on vacation? I highly recommend dining at Capone’s Dinner & Show if you are in Orlando on vacation. It’s fun, affordable and family-friendly. People of all ages will enjoy the show. Speaking of shows, they now offer two different shows to choose from. They are both great. You can’t go wrong dining here. You have many dining choices when on vacation in Orlando, save one night for Capone’s.


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