Posted on Haunted Kissimmee’s website in 2019… “After 12 years we are closing our business – Our last tour date will be October 26th.” So, it seems a year-round attraction ghost tour has indeed vanished.

A ghost tour featured in a major theme park during Halloween may vanish like, well, a ghost. However, in Kissimmee a year-round attraction may be even scarier.  Haunted Kissimmee offers a ghost tour of the unexplained spirit world.  This night-time walking tour boasts that there is enough REAL paranormal activity here, there is no need for special effects or props. Your informative guide will explain to you all about Orbs, and you are very likely to come back from this tour with actual Orbs in your photos.

ghost tour photoThe guides will take you on a 90-minute walking ghost tour to visit some very historical, very haunted places. Places such as The Kissimmee Library, Susan’s Courtyard Café, the Orange County Regional History Center, the train station, the playground and more!

The Kissimmee Library is thought to be one of the most active sites in downtown for the paranormal. Faucets turn on and off by themselves, and books fly off shelves. As it turns out, the building was a sawmill. Three women were murdered there in the early 1900’s.  A great place to eat is Susan’s Courtyard Café. It is a lunchtime favorite of many locals. However, you may notice a woman staring out one of the café windows. This is thought to be a ghost of a woman murdered there by her husband.  The local playground is believed to be haunted by young Isabella, a 7-year old girl who used to love to play on the swings.  Many people have reported seeing the swings swinging when there is no wind at all.

Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you by telling you ALL of the haunts. You need to check this out for yourself.  If you’re not a believer now, this tour may change your mind. At the very least, it will be intriguing.

Be sure to bring a camera with extra memory and batteries. Take several photos right in a row. When you look at them later, you may see an Orb in one, but not the other one. Also, take photos with people in them. Supposedly spirits need our energy to appear.

Times and days of the ghost tour vary upon the season. Be sure to make a required reservation. Their office hours are 6:30-8pm at 321-251-5204, or you can go to their website to reserve your spot. Parties of 6 adults or more reserve a private tour most nights!

Details About the Ghost Tour

Adults $19, Children 8 to 12 years old, $9
7 and under free
An adult MUST accompany children 17 and younger

  • Wheelchair & scooter friendly
  • Special tours available, which include hearse tours and rentals, private tours, midnight tours, group tours.
  • Please Note:  They reserve the right to cancel a tour due to weather, lack of participation or special events in the downtown area.

Remember, this Kissimmee attraction is only 10 minutes from Capone’s Dinner and Show, so on certain dates, you may be able to catch Capone’s matinee or early show and then go to the Kissimmee Ghost Tour afterwards.  Check Capone’s website for show times.  Both attractions will give you something to remember!

Last Updated on October 15, 2019