Florida’s original gangster dinner show began nearly 30 years ago! There wasn’t anything like Capone’s Dinner & Show at the time and still isn’t. Its uniqueness is refreshing, fun, and well worth a visit. Sure, there have been a few attempts to copy it, but more on that later…

While our show and theater have improved over the years, our focus has remained steadfast – offer a great entertainment value in which a wide range of people will thoroughly enjoy.
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About the Original Gangster Dinner Show

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in the era of wise guys, flappers, speakeasies, and Prohibition, Capone’s Dinner & Show provides a first-hand experience. This unique dinner attraction invites guests to step back in time and witness the attire, décor, and original gangsters of a bygone era. Don’t expect a broadway-style show. It’s a speakeasy. This is 1930’s Gangland Chicago. It is original. And, visiting is an offer you can’t refuse!

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Your adventure begins in a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor. Knock three times, say a secret password, and enter the boisterous speakeasy. Immerse yourself within the cabaret’s toe-tapping songs, lively dance routines, and crazy antics of Fingers Salvatorio, Bunny June, Jewel, dancing dames, and a mob of goofy gangsters. Interaction with the cast (always in character) is hysterical and a cherished memory for many guests at this original gangster dinner show. Even shy types, reserving a private table, can get into the action and have a chance of winning prizes during the gangster giveaway.

Tickets include parking, the show, and a delicious meal. The menu is filled with American and Italian favorites – more entrée options than any dinner show in town. Other area dinner shows offer a couple of standard entrée options, but charge extra for upgraded selections. Not at Capone’s! The boss is generous too, offering unlimited beverages. Enjoy Al’s Original Rum Runner, cocktails, ‘kiddie’ cocktails, Bud Light draft, wine, soda, and other choices. You do have the option to upgrade your mixed drinks. Just let your server know.

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Unique Added Fun

Want to get spiffy? Dress-the-part costumes allow guests to have more fun. Where else can you be mistaken as part of the cast?! Pre-order a stylish fedora, boa, flapper headband, or another inexpensive accessory. They make great souvenirs and wonderful memories!

Additionally, guests that upgrade their tickets to VIP status are treated as a high pillow. These limited tickets include a pre-show experience and other perks. It’s a blast!

Imitated, but Not Duplicated

If you’ve heard of another “Jewel” gangster-related dinner show in Orlando, make no mistake, it is not the original gangster dinner show. Not even close. A few years ago, the swashbuckling gang lured a few of Al’s employees to help set up the pre-show experience only to make them walk the plank a few weeks later. Arrrgggggg! Nevertheless, their adult-only experience does not hold a candle (or a gun) to the family-friendly original.

Furthermore, other area dinner shows can be found elsewhere. Go ahead and check out the pirates in California; the medieval-style shows in California, South Carolina, Georgia, or Illinois; Dolly’s stampede in Missouri or Tennessee. But when you’re in Orlando, go see Capone’s Dinner & Show. You’ll not find another show like the original gangster dinner show anywhere else. You could say, Capone’s is untouchable.

Since 1992 Capone’s has offered a family-friendly evening of raucous fun. Unlike other dinner shows, there is only one Capone’s – the OG (original gangster) dinner theater experience! For best seats, don’t delay. Call 1-800-220-8428. Your gang is sure to be walking the walk, talking the talk, and humming the songs when the night is done!

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