Orlando Restaurant News – Capone’s Offers 2-show Saturdays

Orlando dinner shows are selling out and most of the Orlando restaurant news this week concentrates on summer crowds. Vacationers are pouring in, school is out, and business is in full gear. Every type of restaurant is benefitting – from the fast food chains to the fine dining restaurants.

2-Show Saturday Summer

To accommodate as many guests as possible, and still offer a great show, meal and service, Capone’s Dinner & Show will be doubling up on Saturday night shows in July & the first week of August. It’s going to be a 2-show Saturday Summer. The best way to guarantee a seat is to pre-pay for your tickets. Buying them online is easy, not to mention half price. No need to search for a local coupon.

Pre-paying Reservations

Many food enthusiasts are accustomed to pre-paying for a reservation. Did you know that some restaurants are now using pay-up-front reservations to control their fine dining business? Restaurants like Next in Chicago and Trois Mec in LA are using this system to ensure that their kitchens have enough food on hand. No need to worry about that at Capone’s Dinner & Show. This Orlando dinner show prepares a spread like no other dinner show buffet around. Every night, and on two-show nights, you can bet, Mama Capone will be stocked and ready. Come hungry!

Home-made Pasta

Did you know that Capone’s makes their own pastas? Yes. Fresh pasta is on the menu every night. Pick your pasta, choose from a variety of sauces and make an Italian feast of your very own. There are so many options on the delicious buffet, you may have to create several combinations. Have fun with it! 

New Orlando Restaurants

Speaking about pasta, have you ever eaten at a Noodles & Company?  They have nearly 400 restaurants in the Rockies, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions and now are expanding into Florida. Word is they got tired of the cold and the harsh winter was harse on profits. Their first restaurant in Florida is located at Lake Buena Vista, 12529 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32836. They offer pasta prepared in a variety of ways – American, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Thai flavors. The menu also includes soups, salads and sandwiches. Customers order at the counter, then are served at tables with china and silverware. You don’t see that very often in Florida!

Noodles & Company billboard

Another restaurant chain that could make its way to Orlando is PDQ. It is a popular restaurant chain serving chicken sandwiches in the Tampa area. Its owners are starting a new line of restaurants which also might come to Orlando some day – WTF! Well, that isn’t the name of the restaurant, but it IS what the owners are having fun with calling the new chain Wow! That’s Fresh. This “fast-casual” chain will be similar to Panera Bread where guests will order up front and pick up their own food and gather their own drinks with minimum wait staff. It will have a good variety of dishes to choose from.

Using Google Works Both Ways

Finally, something else in restaurant news that is trending in fine dining establishments is the use of Googling customers. You read that right! Search engines can be used two ways – a person can find a good restaurant AND a restaurant can learn more about a reserved guest. I don’t know of any restaurants around here that are using this technology – yet. However, I read an interesting article about it, and wanted to pass the information on. Read the article on Good Food. If you know of an Orlando restaurant that uses this as a way to please their guests, let us know! Feel free to leave a comment below on Al’s Blog.

Enjoy dining this summer at Orlando restaurants and be sure to take your kids to an Orlando dinner show. Capone’s Dinner & Show is a great way to introduce your child to theater. Everyone in your gang will enjoy the show, meal and service. If Saturday’s are too busy for your family, choose another night. Capone’s is open every night of the year. Bon Appetit!

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