Collage of zip line photos

Beginning June 16, visitors to Gatorland will have the opportunity to soar over dozens of alligators and crocodiles on the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line. It is the first zip line to offer such a thrill with five intense zip lines. These lines vary in length from 230 feet to more than 500 feet from heights of up to 65 feet in the air.

Participants start at the “Gator Grunt Run” which is a 247-foot line launching from 45 feet. The ‘zippee’ can reach speeds up to 15 mph. The next line “Gat-or Dun Run” is 40 feet longer and zips you along at about 20 mph. This is all done, mind you, over alligators and crocodiles swimming underneath! Then you’ll experience “De-Nile” a zip line 5 stories high over the oldest and largest alligators. “The Widow Maker” is next. Now you are zipping from 7 stories high! Then it’s on to the last and final zip – if you make it there. The “Hold Your Water Crossing” can only be reached by walking across a swinging bridge 160 feet above the theme park where the alligator feeding area awaits below. Talk about an adventure!

The entire experience lasts about 2 and a half hours. Each participant is given a safety and orientation session, helmet, gloves and a harness. You’ll be led by highly trained guides who also love to share their stories and myths about the theme park’s critters. You must be at least 60 lbs and no more that 275 lbs. Closed toe shoes are required and proper dress encouraged (hair and clothing should be kept secured and away from the pulleys attaching harnesses to cables). You will, of course, be required to sign a release and make a reservation.

The cost is only $69.99 which includes all day admission to Gatorland. If your scheduled launch time is canceled due to inclement weather, rain checks are issued for use within a year of your originally scheduled appointment. Booking can be done online.

A zip line feature is a great addition to this theme park and Central Florida. While zip lines are quickly becoming popular all over the world, it makes sense to have another adventure such as this at Gatorland. Now everyone can take in the view that only feathered friends were able to. Let’s just hope the stars of the park don’t receive any special dinner treats!

Gatorland is just a few minutes away from Capone’s Dinner & Show. After your zip line adventure, we’d like to invite you and your adventurous friends and family to enjoy our dinner show. While our show may not be “furiously thrilling” it can be ridiculously enjoyable by guests of all ages.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024