SeaWorld: A Vacation to Last a Lifetime

SeaWorld Orlando

Visiting the famous Orlando attraction SeaWorld effortlessly combines the adventure of connecting through exciting tours and a treasured experience of fun.  This theme park is unlike any other. Not only are you able to experience learning about marine life, this park also has thrilling rides of an amusement park. It’s the best of both worlds wrapped into one.

Exclusive tours are offered, with reserved seating, for exhilarating shows, up-close encounters with marine life, and front-of-line entrance on rides. These private tours, available year-round, make great one-of-a-kind gifts that last a lifetime.

Classified as a theme park this Orlando attraction takes pride in the fact that they do not section areas off into different “lands” or “themes” like many do. Instead, each attraction in the park has its own theme. This theme is often centered around the type of marine life being exhibited there.

The first great attraction you will see is at the Main Entrance area where the Manta and aquarium exhibit are. In the Key West area it is designed to look the part in the landscapes and buildings. Exhibits of green sea turtles, cow-nose rays, hawksbill sea turtles, southern stingrays, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, West Indian Manatees, American alligators and brown pelicans are in this portion of the park. The dolphin and stingray habitat allows guests to feed them.

Then there is Shamu, the park’s killer whale mascot. The killer whale show changes every few years or so, and is very fascinating despite the controversial publicity it has created. A child’s area is actually hosted by Shamu himself featuring family activities including a water play area and net climbing structure.

There is a Waterfront themed area at the Orlando attraction created to resemble a Mediterranean village. This area has gift shops, food and drinks and has the iconic Sky Tower ride. This is the ride that shows you the entire theme park without much of a scare (unless you are afraid of heights).

manta-ride-seaworldAssortments of attractions are available to choose from: live shows, animal exhibits and thrilling rides. Two favorite rides are the Kraken roller coaster and the parks newer coaster, The Mantra. Two attractions have combined the thrill of a ride and an animal exhibit, The Mantra is one of these. Coming in 2016 will be yet another new roller coaster, the Mako Hypercoaster.

With all of the different places to visit, including SeaWorld into your Orlando attractions planning itinerary is a must. This place needs to be experienced at least once in a persons’ life-time despite the controversy regarding the captivity of killer whales and other wild marine life.

SeaWorld is a memorable place to experience. With the combination of marine-life exhibits and theme park amusements rides a chance to become bored is unheard of. Let this Orlando attraction become your family vacation.

While including SeaWorld Orlando into your vacation planning, save a night for Capone’s Dinner & Show. Big Al and the gang welcome you to their “family reunion” where you can sit, relax and enjoy a good dinner and show after a long day at the other Orlando attractions. From marine life to life at a 1930’s speakeasy, your Orlando vacation be filled with thrills for everyone in your gang.


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