Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

Although we’d rather have visitors choose Capone’s Dinner Show over any other dinner theater, many guests attend multiple shows during their vacation. Therefore, we’d like to provide our ‘review’ of the other shows in the area. In this post we spotlight Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. We’ll give you our favorable comments – as well as some insight as to why Capone’s may be your better choice – if you’re only attending one dinner show.


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This is one of my favorite dinner shows, because the cast makes this show. Another area Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows delivers is in audience interaction. The popularity of murder mystery shows is another thing in their favor.

If you are expecting ‘above average’ dinner show food then you will be disappointed with Sleuths. Dinner shows in general have a hard time providing quality meals, because they have to cook and hold it; then get plated, and by the time it gets to you, it’s dry and not hot.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows Variety

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows features large numbers of shows, 13 to choose from!  Typically, they have a cast of anywhere between three to five actors. The cast can take the worst of the shows and deliver a home run. Doug Bowser works there, and in my estimation, is the best comedic actor I have personally ever met. Try and book a show when Doug is there. I have been to Sleuths when the cast wasn’t strong, neither at ad libbing nor with audience participation. That evening they pretty much stuck to the script, and the show, personally, bored me.

Sleuths is considered one of the best shows in Orlando – if you enjoy murder mysteries, prizes for solving the mystery and a mostly funny cast that makes this show work so well.    Visit to find out more.

Some reasons why you may want to choose Capone’s instead:

  • It takes forever to be seated, first you are in a large room, packed in with 200 other people before you are moved (like cattle or a Disney attraction)
  • Food is not great or necessarily hot (Capone’s serves buffet-style so food stays hot)
  • 8-10 people sitting to a table; many times hard to see and you may be sitting at a table with people you don’t know
  • Limited choice of beer and wine (only bud, bud light, red or white wine of unknown brand)
  • Hard to find, off the street at the back of a strip mall
  • Box office hard to find, tucked away in the gift shop
  • No necessarily appropriate for young children, especially those that may have trouble sitting at a table for 3 hours
  • Prime Rib is additional charge, $3 upgrade

Last Updated on July 25, 2016