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Great Place to Dine While On Vacation in Orlando

Capone's food and service are great.

Orlando is a vacation destination, so it would seem fitting that there are a lot of places to dine at. After all, a recent survey performed by Trip Advisor revealed that more than half of travelers eat out 10 or more times during a typical one-week vacation. Many travelers even seek out a restaurant at their destination that reflects the local culture or is unique in some way to the region they are traveling to. Have you ever taken a “foodie” vacation?

Type Of Food

With 83 percent of vacationers seeking out a famed dish, might they also seek out a unique place to dine? One might think so. Especially since 19% of the people taking this survey have taken a “foodie” vacation, seeking out regional cuisine, yet still prefer American cuisine over all others. Close behind in cuisine choice is Italian. This makes Capone’s Dinner & Show a great place to dine while on vacation in Orlando! The delicious buffet is filled with American & Italian favorites, and the show and theatre make it about as unique to this local as any restaurant. Other cuisines ranking high in the survey were Mediterranean, Mexican and French. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed prefer to dine out at independent establishments rather than chain restaurants. You’ll not find another Capone’s dinner show anywhere!

Dining Type

Another reason Capone’s is an excellent choice for dining while on vacation is that it is casual dining. According to over one quarter of the people that responded to the survey, they like it laid back. Probably because they are on vacation. Many travel here with children and do not care to get all dressed up, just to worry about their kids behaving perfectly in a high-end restaurant setting. They prefer to be relaxed and go where their children can be kids, yet still have an enjoyable meal. Less than one percent choose fast food as their favorite type of restaurants to dine at while on vacation. Other choices included waterfront dining, bistros/cafes, al fresco and lastly fine dining.


Dining out is important while on vacation. Travelers want to indulge, yet not spend a lot on food. 55 percent of the travelers surveyed said discounts can sway their decision about where to dine. Another reason Capone’s is a great choice. With a 50% off coupon, vacationers can dine and get a show for what many restaurants would charge for dinner alone!


Visitors also do a lot of research on where to dine in Orlando prior to coming here for their vacation. They ask their friends on Facebook, read Trip Advisor, ask the concierge or hotel staff, or ask their travel agent when booking their trip to Orlando. Most tourists are spontaneous though with 55% saying that they rarely make reservations. While the folks at Capone’s Dinner & Show suggest you make reservations (regular admission is seated on a first come, best seat basis), reservations are not mandatory. Many guests walk in the evening of the show they want to attend and find tickets are still available. Personally, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.


Dining out is very important when on vacation. You don’t want to spend too much money, yet you want to have a good experience with good food and service. The wait staff at Capone’s Dinner & Show is second to none. They’ll treat you like “family,” which is significant as 56 percent of the people surveyed noted that slow or poor service is what annoys them the most about dining out.

So where do you dine out while on vacation? I highly recommend dining at Capone’s Dinner & Show if you are in Orlando on vacation. It’s fun, affordable and family-friendly. People of all ages will enjoy the show. Speaking of shows, they now offer two different shows to choose from. They are both great. You can’t go wrong dining here. You have many dining choices when on vacation in Orlando, save one night for Capone’s.

Good Food, Happy Place, Happy Face

Orlando is the fifth largest city in Florida and the state’s largest inland city.  Well known for the Universal Orlando Resort, this city is able to generate millions of income from millions of tourists who come from all around the world every year. It’s a beautiful place consisting of different kinds of businesses, including theme parks, restaurants and many other establishments built all around the city. Orlando is also a fine place to live in, because it’s a metropolitan area that has many opportunities that can be grabbed by aspiring young professionals. Because of this draw by young talented performers, Orlando is also well-known for its entertaining factors which can be found in amusement parks and Orlando dinner theaters.

There are hundreds of attractions that can be found in Orlando; the malls that offer millions of items, the bars that take one’s night life to a whole new level, and many other places like golf and spa stations that can relieve anyone’s stress. There are lots of reasons to go on a tour in Orlando.  Among the enjoyable tours to look forward to would be a tour that lets you experience an Orlando dinner theater.  Vacation planning would not be complete without this item on the checklist.

There are a lot of fancy restaurants and diners in Orlando and the surrounding area.  This means that the competition among the different restaurants is really high.  Most of the restaurants in Central Florida are forced to come up with different bright ideas to make an impact on tourists and vacationers of all ages.  Steak houses, sea food restaurants and grilles are challenged to offer their customers more than excellent food and five star accommodations.

Due to the fact that people nowadays are easily bored with the usual dinner date stuff, restaurants started to introduce the different ways of entertaining customers with musical and theatrical shows, thus Orlando dinner theaters were introduced to the public. Because of such shows, tourists are able to enjoy every bite of their meal with high class entertainment provided by stage actors, musicians and different stages depending upon which dinner theater they attend.


Orlando is a good place to enjoy different experiences with the whole family. Whether the purpose is to have an exciting day outside to have fun, or to enjoy an intimate nice warm meal with loved ones, Orlando gives you assurance that there will be fun wherever you may choose to go. So come to Orlando, it’s a good place to be home.

Editor’s Note: If you are trying to decide which Orlando dinner theater to attend, we hope you will choose Capone’s Dinner & Show. We’re in our 20th year of entertaining locals and visitors alike.

Orlando Dinner Shows – Live the Entertainment Spectacle

When it comes to eating out in the Orlando area, you have a great deal of restaurants to choose from, but only a few Orlando dinner shows. You could go to your neighborhood diner, or go to another chain restaurant, or if you’re brave you can go see something special. The special options that are in the area are going to blow you away with sheer excitement as they are not just eateries, they offer full-scale productions that will take you and your family to a whole new world. No matter what you’re favorite genre of entertainment is, you’ll find that the many Orlando dinner shows will definitely be something that will change your perspective on eating out.

When you’re on the hunt for a nearby show, consider the following popular Orlando dinner shows options.

Knights battle at a dinner showMedieval Times – Travel back to a time where kings and queens rules, a simpler time where jousting, horsemanship, falconry and chivalry lived. In this dinner and show you will be treated to a plethora of food, nay, a feast for the belly and a show for the eyes. Enjoy a little trip back in time where men fought for the heart of their ladies, in a traditional setting with a little modern flare. Once you step inside, you will truly feel like you’re amidst King Arthur, that’s for sure.

arabian_nightsArabian Nights – Travel back to a place far off where wishes are granted and the sands of time can amaze you with a display that comes from the east. Arabian Nights dinner and show is one of the beloved showcases of wonder and splendor that will have people of all ages clapping in no time.

Sleuth's Orlando Dinner Show photoSleuths Dinner Show – Sleuths presents something that will entertain, and even shock, but with a humorous twist that will definitely delight even the hardest skeptic. Venture back to a different setting and try to figure out who is responsible for a killing! This dinner mystery show is one-of-a-kind; full of jokes and detective work that will definitely please.

Pirates Dinner Adventure logoPirates Dinner Adventure – Ahoy there! Venture forward with a full-scale pirate show including food and incredible stunts and performances from some of the wildest pirates you’ll ever meet. Pay close attention as you might end up finding treasure on this voyage of sight, sound and food.

Capone's Dinner & Show is celebrating 20 years!Capone’s – Enter the world of mobsters and speakeasy taverns, with traditional language and raucous amusement. The whole family will enjoy the trip back in time to when America had a different class of criminals. You’ll enjoy venturing forth with characters roaming around like Al Capone, Buggs Moran and many more.


The above are just some of the amazing Orlando dinner shows that you can venture towards, so make sure the next time you go out, you enjoy a show and a meal all wrapped into one.

Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock and Rain Forest Café, To Do or Not To Do?

First off I must say if you do not like loud restaurants then you probably will not enjoy any of these themed restaurants. If noisy restaurants do not bother you then there’s a good chance you will enjoy the experience because all three have themes with broad based appeal.

Hard Rock Café is the forerunner of themed restaurants and in my opinion it is the best of the breed. Featuring classic rock music and memorabilia these huge restaurants are really an entertainment option. I have found the food to be hit or miss at the Hard Rock Café’s that I have visited in Orlando and other tourist destinations. Quite honestly the food is average and priced well above average but everyone should go at least once.

Planet Hollywood has star appeal because that’s what the concept is all about. The music is very loud at Planet Hollywood I think noise is an element in most themed restaurants. The memorabilia is the star attraction of Planet Hollywood and Orlando has one of the best collections in the chain. The entertainment aspect is reflected in the prices at Planet Hollywood. Unfortunately the food is not the star attraction but their food is as good as any of the themed restaurants.

My least favorite of the bunch is Rain Forest Café’ for many reasons beginning with the quality and prices. If you are expecting anything other than a silk forest I hate to break it to you but there’s not a live plant in the place. There is a lot of activity going on and is quite stimulating for young children so prepare yourself for it if you have children or not. I have been twice and both times I left disappointed. My most recent visit with my family I had my three year old nephew and my infant great nephew. Their reactions were very different my three year old nephew had a fun time (although the mechanical gator did scare him) while my great nephew was not a happy camper. We all took turns either chasing my nephew or comforting my great nephew. They are VERY busy so many people don’t agree with my opinion. Honestly I would not have picked this restaurant but we went for the kids. One more thing the service has been horrible on both my visits.

Capone’s Dinner & Show, Second to None & Great Food to Boot!

It’s a blast from the past and fun for all ages!  Mobsters, dames, Al Capone, Buggs Moran and speakeasies take you back to another era. You see it is 1931 gangland Chicago and Al Capone invites you to experience his one of a kind show. Capone’s blends an awful lot of different show concepts wrapped into one. Beautiful dancing girls, stand up comedy, upbeat musical productions, loads of comedy and guest interaction with the cast. We also offer the most choices of delicious food on our huge buffet plus we also include with ticket price Bud Light draft, wine, cocktails, the usual soda choices, Kiddy Cocktails, fresh brewed iced tea, cranberry juice and fruit punch. Desserts included too Al’s a very generous guy. Visit our web site www.alcapones.com for full menu selection.

One of the most often asked questions we get asked at Capone’s Dinner & Show is if it is suitable for children. It’s also the hardest question to answer because so much depends on what kind of parent you are. We have had many repeat schools attend our show but if you are very conservitive and far right religiously,  then my recomendation for an Orlando Dinner Show for your family would be Medieval Times because of the quality of it’s production and it is very family friendly. However be prepared to spend more on Medieval Times visit www.medievaltimes.com for the best prices when you buy online and then compare Medieval Times prices to Capone’s Dinner & Show. For over 17 years we have discounted our tickets direct to the general public. There’s no middleman with Capone’s. Arabian Nights tickets you can get from resellers for just a few dollars more than Capone’s but in my opinion the quality just isn’t there. Arabian Nights gives a large margin to ticket resellers. Save the middleman profit and perhaps a time share spiel when you visit Capone’s Dinner & Show.

I hope you’ll consider checking out our web site www.alcapones.com and decide for yourself.