‘The Ganachery’ Chocolate Shop to Open in Disney Springs

Disney announced earlier this month that they will be opening a brand new chocolate shop — The Ganachery — to be located in Disney Springs. No date has been confirmed for the grand opening. Chocolate connoisseurs and Disney fanatics everywhere can rejoice. Not only is Disney Springs going to have a chocolate hotspot, but there will even be a selection of chocolate bars inspired by a variety of Disney characters!

The Ganachery Chocolate treats

The Ganachery will be nestled in The Landing section of Disney Springs, amongst several mouth-watering Disney Springs restaurants like Jock Lindey’s Hangar Bar and Morimoto Asia. It sounds like a great opportunity for chocolate lovers to grab dessert after they enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants now located in Disney Springs!

Walt Disney World chefs traveled the world to bring the best chocolate and chocolate-making methods to their shop, where fresh chocolate and ganache (a combination of cream and chocolate) will be prepared on-stage by a chocolatier. If you shop at Goofy’s Candy Co. (located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs) or the Main Street Confectionary in Magic Kingdom, you’ll experience the same type of stage-like show. This time, instead of drooling over candy apples and cotton candy, we get chocolate!

Ganache selections will include dark (65% custom blend), hazelnut, chipotle, and a unique custom blend derived from the world’s finest flavors and spices. If you love chocolate, it is sure to offer something to your taste…or several items!

Gifts, Shopping & Souvenirs

The Ganachery will allow guests to either buy and savor their chocolaty treats on the spot or purchase some to enjoy later. For chocolate lovers willing to share, The Ganachery will have select take-home gifts available in custom packages, which is a great souvenir to bring back to your chocolate-loving family and friends! Seems like a great way to thank your dog sitter too! It’s a guaranteed hit if you know someone with a sweet tooth!

As sweet lovers ourselves, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for an opening date of The Ganachery. The Ganachery is now open (December 2015)! For more information, be sure to check out our complete guide to Disney Springs. We’ll keep you posted as more choco-centric information is released!

Last Updated on December 30, 2015