When making plans to visit Central Florida on vacation, there is much planning involved. One of the most important is choosing a place to stay. If you travel a lot, you may log into your Expedia, Travelocity or other booking account to search for a great bargain on lodging. However, many families overlook the best and most economical option for lodging while on vacation here in the Orlando area – vacation rental HOMES.

Central Florida Vacation Rental Home

By staying in a vacation rental home, everyone in your party has extremely comfortable accommodations. Many vacation homes can sleep as many as 6 to 12 guests! Having your own bathroom, bedroom, or space to stay up late for a late night card game or conversation is a huge stress release for many vacationers. They can enjoy what they want to do and not worry about interrupting others in their group. Want to watch more than one television show, or video game? Easy. Most homes come with more than one TV, unlike a hotel where you are forced to let the kids run the remote or controller. How about an early morning swim? Some vacation homes are equipped with beautiful swimming pools!

The big savings comes in the form of food/dining. You are not forced to eat out for every meal. Vacation homes are equipped with kitchens and everything you need to whip up that gourmet meal, or a simple grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve always felt that cooking while on vacation seems less of a chore.  There are plenty of food markets nearby. Everyone can eat the way they are accustomed to and you’ll save a lot of money. Sure there will be many meals eaten at the theme parks or a special evening at an Orlando dinner showCapone’s Dinner & Show, but every meal eaten at your vacation rental home is like putting money back into your pocket.

Vacation rental homes are the way to stay in Central Florida.

Since you will not find vacation rental homes through most online booking agencies, you’ll need to find a trusted site to assist in securing the best rental home lodging in Central Florida. This is extremely important – you’re vacation depends upon it! Florida Spirit Vacation Homes is a leader in this industry. They can connect you with professionally managed and maintained vacation rental properties that fit your every need. There are several vacation home property management companies, but Florida Spirit Vacation Homes knows what it takes to make a difference in staying at a quality vacation home. When working with this company, you’ll experience true Florida Spirit hospitality. A great way to start a vacation!

Traveling to Central Florida on vacation is an exciting adventure. Planning can be part of the fun, and definitely shouldn’t be a hassle. There are many benefits of staying in a vacation home rental over a traditional hotel. Contact Florida Spirit Vacation Homes and you just might never stay in a hotel while on vacation ever again!

Last Updated on August 9, 2023