Wild Days at SeaWorld (and Fun Nights at Capone’s)

Starting this weekend Wild Days at SeaWorld returns for another year of presentations, interactions and games. The three-weekend event features areas SeaWorld is known for: nature, education and wildlife rescue. Much of what is offered during Wild Days at SeaWorld is included in your park ticket, however, there are additional expenses you might want to consider to make your day at SeaWorld even more memorable.

Wild Days at SeaWorld

First Weekend – January 16-17: Wild Weekend with Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna is an animal expert we all recognize and can learn a lot about animals from. He will speak about various animals, his travels and experiences at the Nautilus Theater on both days at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Arrive at least a half hour prior to the show. Make sure to visit the 14 Explore Zones throughout the park. This is a fun way to involve children, because they can earn special trading cards while learning. The Explore Zones are available each weekend during this special event.

If meeting Jack Hanna and having a photo taken with him is something you’d like to do, why not sit down and have breakfast or dinner with him? During the first weekend of Wild Days at SeaWorld you have that opportunity. Jack Hanna will entertain guests with animal facts and stories as well as answer questions from guests at the upscale Shark’s Underwater Grill®. Breakfast tickets start at $49.00 each and dinner show tickets start at $59.00 each. The real perk in these meal tickets is that you also receive reserved seating at the show and get a complimentary family photo!


Second Weekend – January 23-24: Penguin Lovers’ Weekend

This weekend the primary focus is on the adorable penguins at SeaWorld. Animal ambassador Julie Scardina hosts the shows at the Nautilus Theater and will teach you a lot about these adorable birds. You will also learn a lot about her interesting career.

If meeting a penguin is of priority, go to the Glacial Collections gift shop. Penguins will be available throughout the day for people to see. If touching a penguin or learning more about how SeaWorld cares for their penguins is of special interest to you, add on a Penguins Up-Close Tour starting at $59.00. This 45-minute walking tour will take you behind the scenes of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins where you’ll hear from several animal experts, get to ask questions and even touch a penguin.

Penguin at SeaWorld

Third Weekend – January 30-31: Sea Rescue® Weekend

SeaWorld has rescued more than 27,000 animals and many of their stories are fascinating. Learn about their rescue, rehabilitation and return from the people that work in this area every day. Check the show schedule listing on the date that you will be at the Orlando theme park to see the available shows. If you view the weekly television show “Sea Rescue” you’ll definitely want to hear first-hand accounts of these marine animal rescues.

A great addition to this weekend would be the SeaWorld Behind the Scenes Tour starting at $29.00. The tour lasts around 75 minutes and takes you behind the scenes. You’ll discover how animal experts care for rescued manatees and sea turtles. Plus you just might get to touch a shark and interact with a penguin!


Special Offers at Wild Days at SeaWorld

During all three weekends, SeaWorld is offering a BOGO special on their feeding trays. At three different feeding stations, you can buy a food tray and get a tray for free! The coupon is located in the in-park event guide and can be redeemed at the Stingray Lagoon®, Pacific Point Reserve® and Shark Encounter®.

Another special offer during Wild Days at SeaWorld is for a 20% discount when purchasing a Cup That Cares or a Create a Cup that Cares. They can be found at the Expedition Cafe, South Pole Beverages, Glacial Collections and Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop. The coupon is also in your in-park event guide.

Fun Nights at Capone’s

There might be some Wild Days at SeaWorld, but every night at Capone’s Dinner & Show is fun…and a little wild. After your day of looking at penguins wearing silly suits, watch the wise guys suit up for some fun and action during this one-of-a-kind Orlando dinner show.

If you like BOGO specials, purchase your dinner show tickets online and get them half off – or buy one, get one free, however you want to look at it! If you are having dinner with Jack Hanna one night of the weekend, Big Al and the gang can wait to have you join them another night. Capone’s offers their BOGO special every night,* and they’re just down the road from SeaWorld.

*Not open Super Bowl Sunday, or valid for the New Year’s Eve Gala.

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