Editor’s Note: This article was posted in 2012 and may not contain current offerings at the Orlando Science Center. They do offer many astronomy shows and series, so be sure to check with OSC prior to planning a trip to this Orlando attraction.


Astronomy Month at the Orlando Science CenterDuring the month of May, visitors to the Orlando Science Center will enjoy a few out of the ordinary astronomy events. In the past, events such as this were a day long, but the event is now being offered as a month full of activities (select weekends through June 2). Some of the events include:

  • NASA speaker series
  • Space-based demonstrations
  • Solar and Nighttime viewings
  • Planetarium Shows
  • Exhibits: “Our Planet, Our Universe” and “Science on a Sphere”

NASA speakers will provide interesting information about unmanned spacecraft, launch systems, Mars and more. Catch their presentations on select Saturdays. Astronomy and light-themed experiments will be held in Dr. Dare’s lab and will delight both adults and kids. Also included are SunWatch sessions (on select Saturdays and Sundays) where you can view the sun through a telescope without hurting your eyes. Take a peek at the sun’s surface to see if it is placid and serene or boiling with sunspots and solar flares.

Children and adults will delight in viewing the skies through telescopes at the Orlando Science Center.

Also offered during this event is “Orlando By Night.” This is a live planetarium show from 1pm to 5pm. Night sky observations are held from 7pm to 9pm with astronomers on hand to answer questions. The “Science on a Sphere” exhibit in the Dr. Phillips CineDome is also highlighted in this event with its Kinesthetic Astronomy program. There is a lot to see and experience!

These additional events are included in the regular admission to the Orlando Science Center which is $27 for adults and $18 for children ages 3-11. If you only want to attend the night viewing after 5pm this Saturday, May 12, you can purchase tickets for that by calling (407) 514-2000. The rest of the science center, with the exception of the planetarium, will be closed at this time. For more information, visit their website at www.osc.org.

Last Updated on June 22, 2015