A speakeasy that’s easy to speak about, and tweet about, and write about on my wall, and on and on. Capone’s Dinner & Show is a real dinner theater that truly is worth talking about. Why? Well, there are many reasons, for me it is: cost, value, experience and reward.

An easy-to-find coupon will save you 50% off your ticket price.  You’ll find the coupon on their site. You WON’T find tickets at “discount” ticket resellers. This is because the tickets are already discounted and Al  is a very direct guy.

The value is pretty unbelievable. Recently, I took my 3 grown kids (plus one son’s girlfriend) out to dinner. The bill went well over $150 (without alcohol and tip), and my boys probably went home and looked in their refrigerators looking for more food! Had we spent the evening at Capone’s we would have eaten all we wanted (good food too), drank all we wanted (even a few adult beverages) PLUS have been entertained for LESS than this “so-so” meal out. Capone’s dinner show is a great value.

The experience at Capone’s is different every visit. If you read their wall on Facebook, you’ll see dozens of entries from fans that return year after year. Not only do they know a good thing when they see it, but they have so much fun that they want to go back. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a year! The performers and wait staff really make you feel like you are a part of the show (and sometimes you are – literally).

And speaking of Facebook, Capone’s offers a once-a-month fan-only special. This reward does not go unnoticed. With over 10,000 fans and growing, more and more people are ‘writing on their wall’ about Capone’s. Some fans have even taken advantage of Capone’s last minute special pricing that even beats their online coupon! It too is only valid for Facebook fans. It pays to be a FB fan.

Editor’s note: These particular promotions have been discontinued, although there are specials periodically posted on Facebook.

Next time your “gang” is looking for something to do, try Capone’s – or return to Capone’s if it has been awhile. I’ll bet the next day when you’re standing around the water cooler (or tweeting, on FB, YouTube, etc.) you too will find it easy to speak up about the speakeasy – Capone’s Dinner & Show!

Last Updated on March 20, 2017