This is the time of the year when companies (big and small) start to plan their holiday party. Corporations as well as small mom & pop stores use the holiday season to reflect on the year and celebrate as a business. For some, an annual holiday celebration includes a facility rental, complete with a banquet and an awards ceremony. For others, a night out is planned to meet, eat & enjoy each other’s fellowship outside the work place. Have you been put in charge of the annual company party?  Perhaps your business hasn’t had a party in a few years. Why not start a new tradition? Capone’s Dinner & Show does corporate parties!

Whether you are searching for a facility in which you can rent for a big office party, or just looking for an affordable group activity, Capone’s Dinner & Show has you covered. Our group packages are customizable from pre-show facility rentals, to discounted group tickets. This speakeasy makes it easy with parties and group packages made just for you and your gang.

Facility rental includes the opportunity to have the joint all to yourself for as many hours prior to the nightly show as required. If you are looking for a MC for your awards service, let one of our wise guys or gals host the ceremony. Perhaps you’d like an entertainment act during your private get-together – the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show has you covered. If you have a group of 100 or more people, you can even schedule your very own matinee show! Other features that are offered for corporate party rentals, include:

  •  Special Occasion Cake(s)
  •  Group Gifts
  •  Basic or Premium Bar Service
  •  Pre-show Hors D’oeuvres
  •  Other Special Services

Maybe you work at a small office and your boss has asked you for an idea of what to get everyone that works there as a small token of his or her appreciation. Tell your boss that “The Boss” can hook everyone up with an evening out at his joint – Capone’s Dinner & Show. Come as a group (you only need 15 adults to get a great bargain), or purchase gift certificates for each employee to enjoy the dinner show on their own.

So many guests have enjoyed the show at Capone’s (read the reviews on Trip Advisor), why not share it with everyone at work, or with your group of friends or other organization? A group package like this is perfect for family, friends, corporations, businesses of all sizes, tour groups, churches and other organizations. Have family coming to town for the holidays? Need something fun for everyone from great-grandpa to little 3-year old niece to enjoy? Think Capone’s!

Between the delicious buffet, to the dress-the-part costumes, your group get-together will be a blast. Start planning now for your gang’s visit at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Like many other groups, your holiday party could become a tradition, so hurry and schedule your date today! Group deals are filling up fast! Click here to begin the custom group party request, or call 407-397-2378.

Last Updated on May 13, 2024