Comedy Show – Add Some Laughter Tonight

A comedy show comes highly recommended for many living or visiting Orlando. Life in general can cause stress and tension. Add to it the recent tragic events that have happened in Orlando, and you have a high need for some laughter instead of tears.

We have all been experiencing a wide range of emotions as of late; some even experiencing stages of grief. We can all try to relate. We can try to console. But what we all know of and need most is something positive that we all understand. Comedy is a universal language that we all speak no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, etc. At no other time does the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” ring so true. Attending a comedy show or dinner show loaded with comedy is a great way to add laughter to your life or vacation – at least for an evening. After that, it is up to you.

Capone’s Dinner Show is a Comedy Show with Stand-up

Live comedy is a dying art. So few entertainers or dinner shows do it well. A stand-up comedy show not only connects the audience with the performers and each other, it also lends each performance to be original. Capone’s Dinner & Show knows how to do comedy. The show content contains a hugh amount of comedy. Add to the show a segment of stand-up, and you’ve got a lot of “medicine” being spread.

“The stand-up portion of the show is often the most-favorite part for our guests.”
– – John Kucik, owner of Capone’s Dinner & Show

Stressful Vacation?

What should be a relaxing time can quickly turn into a stressful vacation for families. Schedules, finances, trying to make everyone happy… the list goes on and on. Tourists can benefit by adding a comedy show to their vacation schedule and thereby remove some of the stress. The fact that Capone’s tickets are half price online saves a family a lot of money (less stress), enjoyed by all ages (less stress) and is filled with comedy (less stress), makes it a go-to dinner attraction for anyone visiting the Orlando area.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter has been proven to boost immunity, decrease pain, relax your body and release large amount of endorphins. It prevents heart disease, lowers stress and anxiety, and enhances our resilience to harsh situations. Socially, laughter strengthens our relationships and helps form bonds, while maintaining the ultimate power of defusing conflicts and misunderstandings. Talk about a natural remedy! Laughter needs to go viral!!

The benefits of humor and laughter are numerous, and there are several ways to incorporate comedy into your daily life. If you want to read a good article, I highly recommend reading this help guide. I especially like the section where it talks about not taking yourself so seriously. The wise guys and gals at Al’s joint are good at that.

comedy show to smile or ponder over

Nothing to ponder here – Capone’s is a go-to dinner attraction with loads of laughter.

Laughing is contagious. So is Capone’s. Many visitors and locals attend this comedy show multiple times. So even if you’ve attended this comedy show before, check it out again. Add some laughter to your life tonight or any night of the year (or your vacation). Attend Capone’s Dinner & Show and fill up on a healthy dose of smiles. Shed some tears of joy for a change and improve your health while doing so. It is time to smile, laugh and be happy.

For more information about Capone’s go to or call 407-397-2378.

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