The popular Orlando attraction “Titanic the Experience” has reopened with an astonishing new exhibit. A 3,000 pound piece of the ship’s hull has been placed on display here in Orlando, on International Drive, just north of Sand Lake Rd. While not as impressive as the largest piece of the Titanic, which is on display at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, this 10-foot piece of the ship is the second largest segment ever recovered and well worth a visit.

After two tries to retrieve the relic out of the water, it was successfully raised in 1998. It was then taken to Melbourne, Australia as part of a Titanic display before undergoing maintenance in Atlanta where it took a year and a half to get the piece ready for the Orlando attraction. The starboard segment of the hull will stand on its side at Titanic the Experience, and guests will be able to get close to the artifact, but not touch it. You’ll be able to see the riveted holes and notice how they stretch from round to oval from one end to the other. Evident of the stretching of the steel upon impact from the iceberg in the Northern Atlantic nearly 100 years ago.

Many other artifacts are on display at this Orlando attraction including a bottle of champagne, an engraved spittoon, galley equipment and even some paper products. The postcards, bank notes, playing cards and other handwritten notes were protected within leather suitcases and trunks. Many of these artifacts have never been viewed by the public until now.

Titanic the Experience was purchased last October by Premier Exhibitions Inc. Recently they announced they would be auctioning all the assets and rights of its RMS Titanic division on April 11, almost 100 years after the ocean liner sank. These possessions have been appraised at $180 million, and are currently spread across six touring exhibitions and another permanent location in Las Vegas. A new owner, which must buy the entire collection, potentially could change the makeup of Titanic the Experience, however, Premier intends to structure an offer so that the exhibit would remain on International Drive as it currently is.

Titanic the Experience is located at 7324 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. Tickets for adults are $22 and children are $16. They are open Monday – Sunday: 9am to 9pm. They also offer a Titanic Dinner Event on Saturday evening which costs $69 for adults and $42 for children (ages 6-11). Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office or by calling 407-248-1166. For general inquiries, please call 407-248-1166 or go to

Last Updated on September 8, 2022