Happy Earth Day! Are You Doing Your Part?

The creation of Earth Day, which started in 1970, is widely considered to be the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The goal was, and still is to increase awareness regarding our environment. It is a great way to urge people into action to do everything they can to help save our planet.  There are several local events taking place in Central Florida. The beautiful Lake Eola in downtown Orlando often serves as a venue for groups to hold awareness events. They commonly include a variety of vendors, as well as guest speakers and live music.

Earth Day at Our Local Theme Parks & Attractions

Our local theme parks are also very involved in Earth Day. Walt Disney World regularly supports volunteer efforts. Their “voluntEARS” are often found around the community gathering trash and debris from our lakes and neighborhoods. Disney fans also have several ways to celebrate Earth Day during the park-wide celebration called “Party for the Planet.” Learn what you can do to make your back yard wildlife-friendly and discover other ways to conserve wildlife and help our environment.  Special entertainment is usually included in this Earth Day event.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay hosts an annual Earth Day event. Learn about animals, nature, and how you can make an impact on the world around you. Meet the keepers and learn about gorillas, cheetahs, lions and orangutans while they enjoy Earth Day-themed treats. Plus, learn about some of Busch Gardens’ special projects like composting and recycling, the Rising Tide Conservation project and the Tampa Bay Watch Oyster Restoration project.


Another place in Orlando to for Earth Day events is at the Orlando Science Center. Earth Day vendors provide themed exhibits and information about topics like beach cleanup, recycling, water conservation, shark and bat conservation, invasive species, the environment and more! Enjoy live animal interactions and feedings in NatureWorks and get crafty with some up-cycling activities! Orlando Science Center’s Earth Day Party for the Planet is included with general admission.

Earth Day

Easy Ways for You to Help the Environment

The wise guys would like for you to consider how you can do your part in helping conserve and protect our planet. Here are 5 easy areas to help the environment in your part of the world.

  • Water Use: Opt for reusable water bottles; repair a leaky faucet; take shorter showers with a low flow shower head; cover your pool when it’s not in use.
  • Fuel Consumption: Leave your car at home. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can. You’ll be healthier for it!
  • Recycle. Take advantage of any recycling program your area offers. If it doesn’t offer one, look at ways you can do your own recycling (it can be a great money-maker for kids).
  • Compost. Spend less on mulch and use your own yard’s waste. Also, do not bag your grass clippings. Your yard will love having the nutrients put back into it!
  • Electricity: Turn off lights and other electrical devices when you don’t need them. The savings will benefit your pocketbook!

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