On the Fringe of the Fringe Festival

This post was written in 2010. While much of the information has not changed, the dates and other specific information probably has. Please go directly to each source for updated information.

Although the Orlando International Fringe Festival is almost 2 months away (May 20-31), you need to look into getting involved now. Whether as a performer, artist, volunteer, spectator or advertiser, the Fringe Festival is gearing up for another year of experimental theater, song, dance and art. As in past years, this years’ Fringe will be celebrating uncensored and non-juried performances in Loch Haven Park at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and Orlando Repertory Theatre. Orlando’s festival is the longest running Fringe Festival in the country!

Many of the performances have already been scheduled, but if you want to try your talent on the outdoor stage, you still can sign up. It is $50/hour and you can pass a hat for tips. Artists may still submit their work for the Visual Fringe. If you are the volunteering type, they are still needed and by doing so, you can see some of the shows for free. E-mail Jackie Martinez to volunteer. Want to advertise your business? You can place an ad in the Fringe program. Sponsorships are also still available.

Maybe you just want to see what the Fringe is all about. You can do that too by getting a glimpse of some of the shows ahead of time by attending the April 12 Fringe Preview. Get your tickets early; this usually sells out. Tickets go on sale April 1 and are $28. This ticket also includes this years’ button which you will need to have in order to attend any show during the 12-day festival. Call 407-648-0077 to get your Fringe Preview tickets or after April 26, get your tickets for the shows online and once the festival begins, get your buttons at the box office.

If you’ve never “fringed” before, try it! Although there are no rules for the performers/artists, spectators DO have guidelines that must be adhered to. Don’t show up late for a show, you’ll not be allowed in. Don’t bring any food or drink into the show. There are vendors set up outside the theater for refreshments. No video or photography allowed – none – period. And you must have a button to attend a show. Lose it and you buy another for $8. Ticket prices for the shows vary; usually $5 to $10 per show, but some are free. It is best to do a little research prior to fringing to find out what shows you will enjoy and which ones are best to skip. With hundreds of performances, you’re sure to enjoy a few.

Because the performers are totally unrestrained, some shows are X-rated, but many are appropriate for all ages. In fact there is even a Kids Fringe which allows children to experience theatre, art and dance on the weekends for free. One thing is for certain, everyone will be touched by the arts during this festival and fringing will open your world to creativity beyond your wildest notions.

So get ready to fringe and support the arts! 100% of the box office ticket sales go directly back to the artists. This monetary support may be just what promotes a soon-to-be world-re known performer beyond the fringe and into greatness!

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