There are many Orlando dinner shows in the Central Florida area. While dining, you’ll be entertained by horses, knights, dancers, actors, cowboys, luaus, and of course, mobsters and dames at Capone’s Dinner & Show. If your day includes a visit to SeaWorld, you’ll once again be able to dine while being entertained by giant killer whales. The “Dine With Shamu” program has been reopened.

“Dine with Shamu” has been replaced with “Dine with Orcas.”  This killer whale dinner show currently features the care given to SeaWorld’s killer whales.
Dine With Shamu Orlando Dinner Show

Photo © 2012 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

This attraction experience has been closed since trainer Dawn Brancheau died when the killer whale named Tilikum dragged her underwater in February of 2010. Many new alterations have been made to the park and various shows that interact with killer whales. The Dine with Shamu event has added clear panels on the edge of the pool to divide the whales from the trainers and guests. It allows a great view of all the activity during the show. This dinner show is not a choreographed number but is a lot like a training program. Guests are often included in the show as the whales check them out (and their dinner).

The menu at the dinner show has changed too. The buffet now includes roasted pork loin, rosemary-glazed grilled chicken, Black Angus strip loin, filet of cod, seasonal sides, baked goods as well as a kids’ buffet. Food samples include nature, organic or sustainable choices.

Unlike other Orlando dinner shows, SeaWorld does not take reservations. Dine With Shamu is only available to guests who check-in at the park’s reservations centers at the entrance or near Shamu Stadium. This dinner show costs $49 per person ($24 for ages 3-9) in addition to park admission.

Last Updated on June 10, 2022