With the Florida’s panhandle beaches showing signs of the oil spill and the west coast beaches preparing for the worst, it is necessary to educate tourists that the Orlando area could very well be the BEST place to vacation this summer! We are located inland, almost exactly half way between the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the west coast of the Gulf of Mexico. So – no oil ingredient found in our  ‘beach’ vacation!

Ah, but you say, where is the sand? Where are the waves; the fruity drinks with the little umbrellas; the sand castles? These are some of the ingredients many tourists feel are necessary for a great Florida vacation – even if their plans call for only one day at the beach. Well, just because Central Florida doesn’t have an ocean, it certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a “beach-style” vacation.

You can find every ingredient right here in Orlando. In fact, it may taste so good, you’ll never even know your vacation didn’t include the beach! Here is my recipe. Feel free to adjust it according to your taste.

  • 2 – 3 day pass at a primary theme park (Disney, Universal or SeaWorld)
  • Stir in 1 day at a secondary park or adventure (Gatorland, Fun Spot or Ripley’s Believe it or Not)
  • Depending upon your budget, add a pinch (Theatre Downtown) or a pound (Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba) of sit-down entertainment
  • Add 1 day at a water park (Blizzard Beach, Aquatica, Wet ‘n’ Wild or Typhoon Lagoon) for a good dose of waves and sand
  • Mix in a ½ day education by visiting one of our fine museums, art/science centers gardens or zoos
  • Combine ½ to 1 day at one of our beautiful lakes on either an airboat ride or scenic/fishing boating excursion
  • Top it off with accommodations at a hotel with a swimming pool and pool bar (for more water and those drinks with umbrellas)
  • Set aside my secret ingredient: Save 1 fabulous evening for eating and drinking (all you can) while enjoying Capone’s Dinner & Show, my favorite of all dinner shows

Depending upon how much ‘beach’ you want to include in your Florida vacation, you may want to check out the newly opened CoCo Key hotel/waterpark. If you don’t stay there but still want to increase the taste of ‘beach’ in your Florida Vacation Recipe, they offer day passes as low as $14.95.

As with any disaster, the oil spill will bring out the best in Florida. Orlando is ready. We’ll prove our recipe tastes great to our visitors WITHOUT the worry of oil. Whatever you do, don’t cancel your Florida vacation just because of the oil spill. The great taste of an Orlando Vacation will have you coming back for seconds!

Last Updated on June 11, 2010