Old Town Car Cruise

Old Town is exactly that – a place that brings back a 60s vibe, the days of rock n roll and ‘cruising.’  This Kissimmee-area attraction has plenty to offer – rides, dining, and shopping with over 75 specialty shops.  They have live bands on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights playing your favorite oldies music for FREE.  Amusement rides include a Ferris wheel, go-kart track, merry-go-round, tea cups, and more.  They also have more adventurous rides such as the Windstorm Roller Coaster, and the Super Shot which inches you up to 150 feet in the air, and then drops suddenly.

Shopping at Old Town consists of unique shops where you can find all kinds of interesting things.  You can find clothing, shoes, jewelry, unique gifts, or even get a tattoo.  There is plenty to eat here too.  From munchies such as nuts and candy to casual dining, find dining, and ethnic foods, there is something for everyone.

With all this to offer, one of the best things at Old Town is the cruise nights.  You can see some beautiful classic cars, hot rods, and antiques.  The Saturday night cruise features over 300 classics, all 1974 and older.  The Friday night cruise features cars and trucks from 1975 thru 1987.  Wednesday nights features classic cars that are 1987 or older.

There is always something going on at Old Town, so check their website for special events.  You may even make some new friends or learn a new dance.

For more information about Old Town, visit their website. Feel free to leave a response below about your visit to Old Town and share your tips and experience!

Last Updated on September 8, 2023