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Illustration of Al Capone ready to swing a bat during Spring Training in Central Florida.

Al is ready to swing! Illustration © Capone’s Dinner & Show. All rights reserved.

Big Al here. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to do any peaching here on my blog. Things are really hoppin’ at my joint over at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Word is gettin’ out ‘bout my specials and the fact that we’ve been doin’ business since 1992! Prohibition ain’t gonna stop the nightly party at my speakeasy!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Spring Training in Florida is when me and the mob are gonna get to use our bats for another game – not just for inspiration. Savvy?

In Florida, you can catch the teams that make up the Grapefruit League. Appropriate since they’s grow a lot of those ’round here. If you’re a Detroit Tigers cat, it’s easier to gun for a game in Central Florida. The Tigers spring home stadium is jus’ down the road in Lakeland. The New York Yankees spring training home is in Tampa; Phillies in Clearwater and Blue Jays in Dunedin. There are other teams doin’ their Spring Training in Central & South Florida if you want to check them out on this really keen website at

Spring Training in Central Florida Schedules & Ticket Prices

Spring Training in Central Florida starts around the 3rd week in February and ends at the end of March or early April. The teams play nearly every day, so there is plenty of Chicago lightning. There are “away games” and “home games” so be sures to check your team’s schedule an’ show up at the correct stadium. Some days they even play a double header! That’s ‘bout as much action as watchin’ bangtails!

Individual game tickets range from $15 to $95 depending on the stadium and where you want to sit. You can buy a multi-ticket plan and see more than one game. Those are the bee’s knees. Some of the stadiums and teams even offer a meal plan including hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, soft drinks, and bottled water. Keep in mind, most stadiums also charge for parking – somethin’ we never do at my Kissimmee attraction.

Astros Spring Training in Central Florida

After the Game, Join the Gang!

Capone's wise guy swings a mean bat!Speakin’ of meals, I know that afternoon baseball game snack ain’t gonna fill any of yous up, so that is why I want to personally invite yous to my Kissimmee dinner show. Every evening Mama Capone puts out a spread unlike any other dinner show in Orlando. This ain’t no hash house either, it’s a 4-course meal with plenty of Italian/American entree options fit for a high pillow. Dinner and drinks (giggle juice too) is hard to beat! Plus, if you order your tickets online, I’ll make it right and let yous glaum them at half off the ticket price! That ends up – with the government’s cabbage (tax) – being only $42.99 for adults and $29.01 kids 4-12. Add a little extra an’ be treated like a big boss with a VIP upgrade.

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March Specials at Capones Dinner & Show

Now for some serious matters… It’s well-known that the joint’s crawling with coppers on account we’re serving illegal bootleg alcohol. Yous see prohibition hasn’t quite been repealed yet. But don’t yous fear – the family is keeping an eye out for the coppers. If visiting and a Detective Marvel is snooping around… Be clever – you are really here to meet with the “Italian Opera Lovers Society.” ** wink wink** Hysterical antics will have your entire gang in stitches. Yous won’t want to miss the action as my gang puts all this spring training to use!

Enjoy Spring Training in Central Florida and be sure to stop by my speakeasy and tip a few. Everyone on your team will have a good time at Capones Dinner & Show!

Last Updated on February 5, 2024