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Parking Fees: Park Yourself at Capone’s & Experience a Bargain Attraction

If you are planning a vacation to any of the Orlando theme parks, make sure you budget for parking fees. Budget for parking, really? When parking at one of these attractions costs nearly as much as a ticket at Capone’s Dinner & Show, yes, one might need to budget for it. Not only have the ticket prices recently gone up at both Disney & Universal, the parking fees have increased as well. Here is a run down of the ‘coin’ you’ll need in hand.

Parking Fees at Orlando Theme Parks:

  • Disney World theme parks = $20
  • Universal Orlando (including Islands of Adventure & CityWalk) = $20
  • Valet Parking at Universal Orlando = $15 first 2.5 hours • $35 over 2.5 hours
  • Universal Front Gate Parking = $40 before 6pm • $30 after 6pm
  • SeaWorld Orlando = $18
  • Kennedy Space Center = $10 Motorcycles | $10 Automobiles | $15 Oversized vehicles, motor homes or RVs

*Prices subject to change.

Admittedly, you get a lot for your money at these attractions. They entertain your family for an entire day, maybe several days. In fact, in 2014 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex extended its operating hours by two hours. Previously it would close at 5:00 p.m., now it stays open until 7:00 p.m. (through Sept. 1), so your ticket value has increased. The parking fees may seem trivial, but it helps tourist to know that incidentals, such as food and parking, must be accounted for.

Capone’s Offers Free Parking

Capone’s Dinner & Show continues to offer free parking for cars, motorcycles, tour buses and handicapped parking. A few other smaller attractions, such as Gatorland and Fun Spot America, still do too. Other Orlando dinner shows, including Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament and Pirates Dinner Adventure have resisted the temptation to charge for parking as well. Let’s hear it for the dinner show attractions! Free parking (and ticket includes food)!

No parking fees at Capone's Dinner & Show

Therefore, if you are planning a vacation to Orlando, make sure you save a night for Capone’s Dinner & Show. For almost the same cost as your parking expense at one of the major attractions, you can purchase a child’s ticket (or an adult ticket at valet price) at Capone’s. Be sure to purchase your tickets online, where you’ll pay only half price! Unlike many other Central Florida attractions that let resellers handle their tickets, Capone’s deals directly with the customer. Without the middle man, they can offer their own discounted attraction tickets without the additional expense or hassle.

Park yourself at Capone’s Dinner & Show. For a little over 2 hours, you and your family will have a blast. It’s great to know a good entertainment value still exists for tourists, Florida residents and us locals that enjoy a dinner & a show.

Green Meadows Petting Farm: Relax with the Animals

Take a break from the theme parks and experience Central Florida’s farm roots at Green Meadows Petting Farm. While the majority of Orlando attraction planning consists of days spent at the major theme parks that made Orlando, FL popular, your “to see” list should include a zoo. Better still would be a petting zoo. Green Meadows is the perfect place to take young children and is great for the “older” child to get away from the excitement of the crowded parks and relax with the animals.

This Orlando attraction houses over 300 different farm animals available for everyone to touch and see. It is an “educational and fun experience” for all whether you are a Florida resident, a tourist, child, or adult. It is fun for everyone and provides a relaxing atmosphere. Farm animals can also become a comedy show after a while.

Fun Things to do at Green Meadows Petting Farm

Green Meadows Petting Farm provides two-hour guided tours while teaching guests about turkeys, chickens, pigs, donkeys, ducks, geese and so many more animals. Even if you believe you know all there is to know about farm animals, this Orlando attraction is sure to teach you something.

Encouragement is given to guests to touch the animals. The main goal of the petting farm is to educate children, as well as adults, about farm animals. The owners believe that touching the animals will help them better accomplish the goal of learning about them. Relaxing under the shade trees covering the farm, while interacting with the animals, is the best way to escape the crowds.

children at Green Meadows Petting Farm

horse ridesAlong with touching the animals every visitor to the farm has an opportunity to milk a cow, or try to at least. An educational experience if there ever was one. Many people do not realize what running a real farm actually entails. This atmosphere and hands on education helps people to respect farmers.

After the two-hour guided tour, visitors are able to take pony rides, hay rides or ride an express train. There is something for even the littlest visitor to be entertained for hours at this Orlando attraction. Adult children can relax off the beaten path while watching their children enjoy the animals; sometimes even laughing at their children’s initial reaction to some animals.

Field Trips & Birthdays

This Orlando attraction is open year-round. It is a fabulous place for schools to take a field trip to. Teachers can go online and download the packet they need with pricing and permission forms. Discounts for groups of ten or more people are available.

Celebrating a birthday at this Orlando attraction will make it extra special. Seeing your birthday kid enjoy the animals with their friends makes it memorable for you. Green Meadows Petting Farm hosts large events around Halloween, Easter, and Christmas also. Checking online, or calling the farm ahead of time, can provide needed details.

Green Meadows Petting Farm is a wonderful attraction to visit during October. Events include Pumpkin Picking (free) and a Trail of Jack-o-Lanterns with a Ooky-Spooky Haunted House. Even on Halloween weekend, your child can attend in costume and trick-or-treat. It’s a perfect time of the year for a hay ride on the farm!

Petting Farms are not just for children. This Orlando attraction creates fond memories for everyone that attends. From the youngest kid to the oldest adult, make memories to last a lifetime at Green Meadows Petting Farm. Farm animals can be an educating experience. Relax with the farm animals and separate from the crowds.

Gatorland: Combining Gators and Thrills

When people think of Florida they usually think of two things, Walt Disney World and Florida Alligators. With this being said, their Orlando attraction planning without Gatorland would be a big regret. Built in 1949 and still owned by the same family, this place has been labeled the “Alligator Capital of The World” with good reason.

Featuring thousands of crocodiles and alligators, Gatorland provides a birds-eye view of the natural alligator breeding marsh from a boardwalk and observation towers. Even though the park can be remembered by entrance through a large alligator head, this Orlando attraction is best known for rescuing and buying troubled alligators from trappers that otherwise would have been slaughtered for skin and meat. Housing them here saves their lives. Between 1981 and 1999, Gatorland was the only place worldwide where alligators were artificially inseminated also promoting the gator’s existence.

Upon opening, this Orlando attraction housed alligators and snakes for visitors to see. It was the first major attraction in central Florida. Since then, it has grown into a popular vacation site for people wanting to have a thrill while seeing alligators in their natural habitat. Keeping up with the major theme parks with its own adventures has kept Gatorland on the map of Orlando attractions to visit.

A nice fact to remember: With all the themed areas evolving, Gatorland has held its own. In 1965, the Iron Horse Theme Engine, a miniature, open-air locomotive, made its maiden run. It transported over 7.5 million visitors on a tour around the park.

Nowadays, visitors to the Orlando attraction can see gator wranglers, at Gatorland, in a unique alligator wrestling show called none other than, “Gator Wrestlin’ Show.” Keeping it “Florida Cracker” style, wranglers catch six to eight foot alligators by hand, while guests watch in a shaded 800 seat stadium. These wranglers climb onto the snapping alligators back and point out survival techniques. After a few stupid stunts the alligator is put to sleep only to be awakened by tickling it.

This Orlando attraction opened its newest adventure, Gator Zip Line, in 2012. Set seven stories in the air, multi-set launch pads run the length of 1200 feet across Cuban and Nile crocodiles. Guests end up soaring at 25 mph in which the thrill is only complete after flying over 130 Florida alligators looking up from their natural breeding marsh. The Zip Line can be experienced in the day or night.

Gatorland Orlando Trainer of the DayIf you or your teen have an extra interest in alligators, why not train them? For reservations, and extra fees, a person twelve years of age or older can experience what it’s like to be an alligator trainer through “Trainer for the Day.” Call ahead for information and reservations.

Gatorland is an Orlando attraction that should be seen by all. Birthday parties are available if plans are made ahead of time. This is the perfect place to enjoy the thrill and excitement of a theme park while viewing the instincts of alligators in their natural environment. Saving this endangered species has been kept in the family from the beginning here in Orlando.



Orlando Zip Line Attractions: The Thrill of Nature

Nearly every Orlando vacation consists of seeing major theme parks and water parks, however, have you ever considered visiting one of the Orlando zip line attractions? When people plan a vacation, it usually consists of seeing the famous theme parks. A different kind of Orlando attraction many people do not consider is Zip Lines. Most Orlando zip line attractions center around nature and the thrill of viewing it from above.

Orlando zip line attractions show off Florida nature.

With all the focus of the thrill being on “death defying” drop offs and being turned upside down on roller coasters, a new type of thrill is becoming popular in Central Florida. Zip Lines add to the thrill by allowing a person to fly through the air at 25mph, attached to a line only by a harness. Now that is a real thrill ride.

Choices for Orlando Zip Line Attractions

There are four major Orlando Zip Line attractions to choose from. Several are within a short drive of the Orlando attraction area. Due to their popularity, more zip lines will most certainly be added to various Central Florida attractions.

  1. Florida EcoSafaris
  2. Zip Orlando
  3. Screamin’ Gator Zip Line
  4. Zoomair Sanford

Most locations also offer more than just a fly on a line through the air. They offer other things to see and fun things to do. Many offer a nature experience unique to Florida. The zip line being the main focus though, it should not be overlooked.

Most Popular Zip Lines

Florida Eco Safaris has you soaring 68 feet off the ground along seven different Zip Lines and three sky-bridges. Being scared of heights is not an option at this park. An Orlando attraction to surpass any, it does offer a Cypress Canopy Cycle Zip Line for those not wanting to soar across the tree tops by a harness. On this cycle line, people are able to sit and pedal the way across the tree tops while suspended from high tension steel cables.

This nature park is home to the first major Zip Line roller coaster in the United States, The Rattlesnake. Along with The Rattlesnake, four other Zip Line adventures are available.

Also at this Zip Line Orlando attraction, Coach Safaris and Horseback Safaris are available. For one admission price into the park, a person can view the conservation wildlife areas at the 4700 acre eco-ranch in a new way. This untouched area includes Cypress Domes, Pine Flatwoods and Marsh. Soaring across the tree tops, or on a safari, a person is given the opportunity to a lot. Nature offers black bears, alligators, the endangered Florida panther and over 200 species of birds in a safe habitat.

This zip line park, although located in the Orlando/Kissimmee area (St. Cloud/South Osceola County), it is still a great Orlando attraction that should not be overlooked. The great thing about this park is that it involves day and moonlight night packages. Another amazing fact about this nature viewing area is that it donates thirty percent of its revenue back into conserving the surrounding wetland areas.

Family Thrills for All Ages

Visiting famous theme and water parks should be the main focus of your vacation to Orlando. However, do not forget to add Orlando zip line attractions to your agenda. Viewing endangered wildlife conservation sites is a wonderful learning experience for the entire family. Being able to see all this while soaring across the tree tops at 25 mph, now that is another thrill all on its own.

Wonderworks: Wonder No More, Come Have Fun!

Wonderworks Upside Down Building

Wonderworks should be at the top of everyone’s Orlando attraction planning list. Reasonably priced to take the whole family, it is located right off of International Drive…right down the road from everything! This Orlando attraction is encompassed in an upside-down building. Those that have passed by, and have never stopped, wonder what it really is and what the history behind it is. Well, wonder no more.

With the current rainy days we’ve had, visiting Wonderworks is a fun thing to do in Orlando when it is too wet or hot to enjoy outdoor activities.

Rumor has it that the Orlando attraction, Wonderworks, started out as a scientific experiment in the Bermuda Triangle. It has been said that scientists were given the task to harness the POWER from a man-made tornado that they created. Something went amuck and the building flew into Orlando, landing on its roof; therefore, all the hundred plus interactive exhibits inside the house are upside-down.

When entering this Orlando attraction it sounds like the house is wanting to fall. Stepping inside, you become inverted in order to visit all the sites which are upside-down. Wonderworks is the ultimate place to learn and interact with science. It is perfect for the wanna-be-nerd.

After entering, you will go through a cool inversion tunnel. The rotating multi-colored tunnel contains a walkway which, upon reaching the other side, allows you to defy gravity in order to visit all the exhibits. How cool is that?!

Wonderworks Earthquake ExperienceExperiencing an actual earthquake can be a scary thought. However, when experiencing an earthquake inside Wonderworks, it is scary yet exciting. This Orlando attraction recreates an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale. This exhibit is based on the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that stopped the World Series. It is very realistic. Visit the Disaster Zone for this experience.

Even though hurricanes can be experienced in Florida, people are usually in safe zones when they do hit. This Orlando attraction allows you to experience what 71 mph winds of an actual hurricane feel like. This is also in the Disaster Zone. These should be experienced by everyone.

In Wonder Coasters, a part of this Orlando attraction, you are able to build your own roller coaster, with twists, turns and loops. Taking the coaster for a spin is the ultimate thrill in the virtual coaster ride.

In the Space Zone visitors put on Astronaut suits and explore the universe. A souvenir picture in a famous exploration environment is available. There are so many interactive exhibits at this Orlando attraction that to name them all, or even a fraction, would be difficult. Visiting is a must for your vacation.

Along with the many exhibits there is a laser tag and rope climbing area available. Dinner and a comedy club dinner show is available with reservations. This is the perfect place to have the young scientist in your families’ birthday party.

Wonderworks is the ultimate scientific Orlando attraction. Seeing and experiencing it all should be on everyone’s bucket list. Make your plans to visit soon. Arrive early to get the best seats, or sites, in the house. Wonderworks is the place to learn all about the world and why things happen, all while having fun…and being upside-down.