Vacation Homes are a great way to stay in the Central Florida area

The Central Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association (CFVRMA) provides valuable and often hard to come by information for property managers to use while growing their business. They also help provide visitors planning to stay in Central Florida with options of vacation homes in a safe venue so that they can book their vacation worry free. The trade group represents a rising number of business owners who market fully furnished homes to tourists and business travelers coming to this region. The homes typically appeal to larger families that want multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, private pool and game room, rather than a hotel room.

The CFVRMA uses resources from membership dues to market Central Florida vacation rental management companies to the public and provide an excellent source of services for property management companies. The CFVRMA holds meetings regularly for members and associate members at various Central Florida attractions. Colin Young, president of the CFVRMA, said “Members like to get out and visit the region’s attractions so they feel confident recommending them to their guests. “

Recently they held their meeting at Capone’s Dinner & Show. While not well-known as a meeting space for businesses in the Central Florida area, Capone’s is reaching out to local businesses with a very unique offer. “We are rolling out a new program that can help vacation home managers make a little extra money,” John Kucik said. Capone’s has cards available that offer 50% off tickets to the show and offer the vacation home company a customized display on the back of the card. These cards are distributed to tourists and business guests staying in their properties. Not only will their guests get a great bargain, but the vacation home representative “…can make $8 for every time one of those is cashed in,” Kucik said.

Also included in this great business partnership is the opportunity for any vacation home company that signs up, a feature article, right here, on Al’s blog! It will allow our readers a great resource when trying to find a trusted vacation home rental. It’s a win/win/WIN situation! Capone’s get the referral, the vacation home gets exposure and guests staying in a vacation home get a great discount to a fabulous Orlando dinner show!

Vacation homes have been one of the fastest growing industries across Central Florida in the past decade. By working with various businesses in our area, we hope to remain the #1 vacation destination and help each other out. If you are planning to stay in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, be sure to visit this section of Capone’s web site for updates on local vacation homes. With ‘advice you can’t refuse’ also comes recommendations you can trust. Just one more way of keeping it all in “the family business.”

If you’d like to team up with Capone’s and join their referral program, contact Capone’s Dinner & Show.

Last Updated on July 27, 2011