Kissimmee Dinner Show Breaks Away with Big Game Statistics

Super Bowl StatisticsCapone’s Dinner & Show will be closed Sunday, February 5, 2017.

For the past 2 years me and the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show did NOT offer a Super Show as an alternative to the Super Bowl. The mobsters took a much appreciated break. The gang is doin’ it again. We will be closed Sunday, February 5, 2017.

Instead of a Kissimmee dinner show that’ll knock your socks off, the wise guys & gals have put together some fun statistics that jus’ might knock the wind right outta you. The figures behind how much money Americans spend for the big event will make even the Big Bosses squirm. We’re talkin’ over $14.1 billion on merchandise (food, team apparel and TVs), $132.55 million on bets (of course gamblin’ is one of my specialties), an average game ticket price (as of this minute) is $4,744 with the largest sale at $74,928, and many more brow-raising expenses. Here are some other interestin’ facts ‘bout Sunday’s game:

Game Day –

  • Super Bowl LI pits the top-ranked scoring offense (Atlanta) against the top-ranked scoring defense (New England).
  • This is the ninth Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots, the most for any team in NFL history.
  • This is the seventh Super Bowl for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who are 4-2, with their wins coming in one of the game’s greatest upsets (2001), the last back-to-back wins (2003-04) and one of the greatest finishes (2014).
  • Atlanta is making its second appearance in the Super Bowl. The Dirty Birds of 1998 advanced to the game after a stunning road upset of 15-1 Minnesota, then lost to a John Elway-led Denver team that won its second consecutive title.
  • Brady has never lost to the Falcons in four career games, throwing for 9 touchdowns, 1 interception and has his highest QB rating against Atlanta. Brady will attempt to become the first quarterback with five Super Bowl rings.
  • Atlanta scored 540 points this season, tied for the seventh-most in NFL history and 71 points clear of the next-best team.
  • The Julio Jones vs. Malcolm Butler matchup will be the most interesting and pivotal in Super Bowl LI.
  • Over 60 law enforcement agencies will be represented at the game (now do you wonder why us mobsters are staying at home?).

Super Bowl Ticket Sales –

  • The average ticket price of a Super Bowl 51 ticket is over $4,744 – Unlike our Kissimmee buffet, there are no half price tickets.
  • In 1967 championship game tickets topped out at $12 each, and the “secondary market” consisted only of ticket scalpers outside the L.A. Coliseum.

Advertising, TV & Radio –

  • Viewership in the U.S. is estimated at 111.9 million people.
  • The cost of Super Bowl ads is anywhere between $5 million and $5.5 million (CBS & FOX). A 30-second commercial for the first Super Bowl, played in 1967, cost a mere $42,000.
  • Historically the three most popular product categories that advertise in The Super Bowl have been 1. Automobiles 2. Motion Pictures 3. Food & Candy (does that include beer?).
  • Hashtags have replaced URL as the most popular call to action in Super Bowl advertising.
  • Of the 60 national ads aired from kickoff through the end of the game, 45% contained hashtags, 35% contained a URL, while Twitter and Facebook were each mentioned in 3 ads.

Social Media –

  • Super Bowl ads generated close to 3.3 billion social impressions during the game
  • Last year more than 15 million people saw tweets about the Super Bowl telecast, with these tweets seen 1.3 billion times throughout the night.  (by the way, yous can follow me too @alcaponesshow).
  • 57% of Super Bowl viewers say they will use Facebook and/or Twitter during the game.

Parties –

  • Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day in America. We eat more food, only on Thanksgiving.
  • 1.33 billion chicken wings will be consumed.
  • 9 out of 10 fans prefer to stay put in their very own homes rather than venture out (one more reason the gang is not puttin’ on a show Sunday night); 17% will watch the game at a relative or friend’s residence; 3% will watch at a bar or restaurant, while 15% will be tuning into the event via their smart phones.
  • Next to the Fourth of July more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.
  • Hungry Howie’s predicts that they’ll sell 200,600 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Over the weekend, approximately 100 million pounds of guacamole will be eaten, approximately 14,500 tons of chips.

Other Fun & Interesting Stats –

  • Super Bowls are denoted with Roman numerals and have been since Super Bowl V in 1971. The exception was last year when the NFL promoted it as Super Bowl 50, not Super Bowl L. The Roman numerals are back this year for Super Bowl LI.
  • Almost 8% (7.7%) adults surveyed plan to purchase a TV for Super Bowl Sunday.
  • American singer Lady Gaga will headline the halftime show. It is unclear whether the singer will enter from the top of the dome for the performance, but you can count on a spectacular performance.

After all those wings bein’ devoured and money changin’ hands, a fun night at Capone’s will be in order. Regardless if your team wins or loses, a night with me and the gang is a great way to recover after a big game hang-over. Reserve your tickets at half off and enjoy savin’ money instead of shellin’ it out like yous  jus’ did on the football contest.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is open every night (except on Super Bowl Sunday). After takin’ a night off, the guys and gals will be super-charged to put on a hilarious show. I’ll see yous soon!

– Big Al
Alphonse Capone

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