It can happen to the best of us. We wait until we’re scrambling and then have to make last-minute Valentine’s plans. Or… one Sweetheart expects something more than is planned; one Sweetheart hasn’t planned anything at all, or the plans that have been made fail miserably. Any of these scenarios can result in a whole lot of not-love going around. Here is some advice from the Wise Guys & Gals to keep these scenarios from happening this V-day with YOUR Sweetheart… even if you are reading this and making last-minute Valentine’s plans.

Plain and simple last-minute Valentine’s plans… take your “Gal” or “Goon” to a dinner show at Capone’s!

There are still a few tickets available for Capone’s Valentine’s Show. Score some tickets and it will seem as if you’ve planned this evening for weeks! Purchase tickets online, pick up your date, and show up for the show! Or, purchase tickets, call a cab or Uber, and arrive at the show ready to enjoy the unlimited drinks included in your show ticket.

Tickets are only $39.99* (plus tax and gratuity). There still may be a limited number of VIP Tickets available at $49.99* (plus tax and gratuity). However, since you’ve waited until now (like a true flat tire) and are making last-minute Valentine’s plans, don’t count on those VIP tickets.

Last-minute Valentine's plans - attend a show at Capone's Dinner & Show

Before & After Valentine’s Day!

When V-day falls on a weekday, perhaps you’d rather celebrate your love this weekend instead of on Valentine’s night. Capone’s has you covered there too! Capone’s is open nearly every night of the week. Tickets are available most every night…at least for now. Even though it’s not really, really last-minute Valentine’s plans, attending the show on another day gives you more time to make it extra special. HINT: Spring for some roses or jewelry to go along with the dinner show tickets!

Pre-order a boa &/or a fedora and get into character & have fun!

Costume accessories are definitely the cat’s meow. Have fun while you’re out for the evening! Get into the era! Cheap accessories can be found in the gift shop if you forget to purchase them online with your tickets. For those of you wanting to be treated like a big boss or significant skirt, Capone’s VIP tickets are the way to go. VIP tickets include:

  • Early admission (enjoy Al’s Four Deuces Lounge)
  • A Character Meet-n-Greet (when available)
  • A take-home souvenir
  • Tickets for the Dinner and Show
  • VIP Seating – our best seats in the house
  • Priority Seating – We seat & serve Valentine’s Day VIP guests first (provided you are on time)

Capone's Valentine's VIP Experience

If you still need to make last-minute Valentine’s plans, just go to and order Valentine’s dinner show tickets and relax. You’re going to have a great time. Your special someone is really going to enjoy the show, and you’ll come away smelling like…well, a dozen roses! Please take note: the roses are YOUR responsibility…Al don’t want nothin’ to do wit’ dat. 😉

The gang hopes everyone will join them and have a great Valentine’s day. If not, Al hopes you have a really, really good alibi!

Happy V-day everyone!

*prices subject to change.

Last Updated on September 8, 2023